Friday, December 23, 2011

God’s Will For Your Life

December 22, 2011
I want you to write about the will of my Father. It is hard to contemplate, but it is not hard to follow. You must put your own will aside, and then you will find my Father’s will for you. It is not hard to follow when you are casting away sin and walking in my footsteps. You must listen from your heart to hear the Father’s will. It is one of peace and love and self-giving. Where else can you find my Father’s will but to follow me, your Jesus. Many of you lie captive to the devil’s evil ways, but you must resist. Do what God would want you to do in a situation. He, the devil, will tempt you to follow your own ways and be lazy in following God’s will for you. You must be awake to these lies. And that is what they are - lies. The devil will tempt you to believe that your ways are the true ways to help you. You must never follow your own ideas, only God’s. Pray and reflect much on God’s will for your life. If you do so, he will reveal it for you. But, warning, that God’s will is not the easiest path. It is the holiest. Look not on what your brothers and sisters are doing. Follow only your own path that God has planned for you. If you work with him, this path will be much easier to follow. Again I say to you to pray hard for the conversion of sinners and let this be part of God’s will for you. We need your prayers everyday. Go and spread the good news of my gospel.
Your Jesus

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Mystical Body of Christ

December 20, 2011
I want you to write about the mystical body of Christ. So many of you do not believe in this truth about me. My body is so very present to you in the Eucharist and adoration. We are “knowing” beings believing what people tell us. So why not believe what I tell you; that I am present body and blood in the Eucharist. A typical day goes by where there are so many things that you believe in. Why not start by believing in the Eucharist for you.  It can produce many miracles for you body, mind, and soul because it is the truth. When your soul is thirsting come to me in Eucharist and adoration. I am there waiting to heal your wounds, but you must believe. When day turns to night and all “knowing” passes, believe in my presence, with a deep faith. A deep faith is knowing from the heart. My body and blood will sustain you. All is well in the kingdom for my body is united to yours. Knowledge and strength come from your heart and faith in God. Wisdom is a cherished gift when coupled with faith. So believe in my mysterious body and blood and you will have wisdom of all ages. Especially you, my child. Come to my miraculous heart and tell others of me. I will heal them. My body and blood are yours for the taking. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.
Your Jesus

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Faith, Hope, and Charity

December 15, 2011
I want you to write about faith, hope, and charity. These virtues work together to make a formidable union with me. To work on these virtues one must pray and fast unceasingly. When these virtues work together, they form great fruits. Fruits of wisdom, hope and love for fellow neighbor. Why not work on these virtues in yourself instead of focusing on selfish matters? Hope comes from true abandonment and trust in me. Faith comes from a strong love and hope in me. And charity is a fruit of the two when true love comes into play for your neighbor. When else in a world so full of gray that these virtues can bring color back. The time is now my children. Look to me to give you the answers you seek. I emphasize that my grace will give you these virtues in full. Pray for my grace to do this. I will gift you with the holy spirit and pour out these graces on you. I love you and this is why I need you to pray more powerfully for these virtues to come alive in you and your children. These virtues are an art and a gift from me that will fulfill my glory. The graces will overflow for you who seek out these virtues. Without these virtues one has no love for neighbor and for me. Work on these with love my children. I will help you.
All my love, Jesus

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rely On My Majesty

December 13, 2011
I do want you to write about my majesty and awe. So many of you take this for granted. I Am and am in all things visible and invisible. Come to me and I will give you rest because I am the great I Am. My majesty is majestic and reigns over all the heavens and earth. Speak now to me for my kingdom on earth is coming. It is not for your time but for my time. Do not be quick to enter the kingdom, but take your time and pray. Pray without ceasing to your majestic God. Only I know my plan for you. Be brave against the snares of the devil, but rely on my majesty. If you do this, I will combat the devil with every trial he causes in your life. You cannot defeat him, but knowing that I can will make the difference. Trust and abandonment will lead you to rely on my power. A good and gracious God always knows the trials of his children. I will never leave you to your own doings to combat sin. I have already defeated the sin of man for you, but you must work with me. To understand how to combat the devil read Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10-17. You must stand firm in my promises for you. Do not let a day go by without acknowledging these promises. My majesty will reign and all will be saved who believe in me and my promises. Go to serve Christ and one another.
Your Jesus

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Live, Laugh, and Love

December 8, 2011
I need you to write about love and compassion from the heart. Let my mother Mary be your example today on her feast day. She said yes to me from the heart and didn’t turn back. This is what I need from you. You are my children and you console my sacred heart. I need your compassion for me and for others very much. Not so long ago I was in your position using my compassion to reach out to others. This is what I need from you. You must reach out to others to keep my kingdom alive. So many of you turn your back on your neighbor. You are then turning your back on me. Let me console you through my sacred heart. Let me show you compassion. In turn, you can give this to others. O What a blessing this is for me to see you open your hearts to my hurting children. Mother Theresa is a great example of giving herself completely to the poor. Look around you and see so many in need. You can help them my children with a quick smile, a meal, a note of compassion. You must spread my love throughout the world. Now and forever. My love never dies. It continues in one circular motion. You will give love as you receive love. It is a beautiful scene. Blessed be the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God. You can feel poor in your spirit as well as your life. You can help each other to fill your spirits with love. Do not ever despair because my love reigns on earth in you and through the people you meet. Live, laugh, and love with them. It means a lot to me. I love you.
Love Jesus & Mary

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How To Fight The Flesh

December 5, 2011
I want you to write about my sacred heart. My heart is overflowing with love and mercy for my children. With this love and mercy you can do all things. Not a day goes by that I am not willing to pour forth my mercy on you. With my heart, you will know how to fight the flesh. Try to become one with my heart and you will share in my joys and sorrows. You will share the thorn in your flesh with me. We will become one in body, mind, and soul. You will not be yearning for me any longer when you become one with my sacred heart. I know you are asking me how to do this. It is easy. You pray with and from your heart directly to my heart. When you are doubting how to do this, ask my mother to help you. She will lead you to my sacred heart. It is very vast and open to strengthen all souls. Yes, I am speaking to you at this time and I want you to share with the world how to open your heart. Much humility and meekness must come into play. You must become less so I can grow in your heart. But your soul will grow with me close to your heart. Recite Colossians 3:16 to understand how to become close to my sacred heart.
“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly, as in all wisdom you teach and admonish one another, singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.”
Finding your way to my sacred heart does come with much praise and gratitude. That is where my heart is. I dwell in your heart, a place where your praise and gratitude comes from. Be still and know I am God. This will give you strength.
All my love, Jesus

Friday, December 2, 2011

Each Thorn Leads To A Rose

December 1, 2011
My dear child, write about my love and mercy. It is open for those waiting; for those who accept it. The road that leads to my mercy is a narrow road. There my be many thorns in your way, but each thorn leads to a rose for my glory. You see, the road to Jesus is a narrow one. Each soul must find this narrow path. My mercy and love will guide you through. You can ask God to take away your thorn, but sometimes they are permanent. These thorns lead you to the kingdom. Embrace your thorns as I did. Joy can be a part of this narrow road when you take up your cross. Love and mercy will follow your cross. Do not deny your cross, but pick it up. Do not complain or become downtrodden. These are the workings of the devil. He wants you to lay your cross down. He will attack all those who are carrying their crosses bravely. But do not fear for he cannot destroy the power of the cross. It will bring you many graces.  This earth was made for crosses to help lead you to your final home. Remember, there will be no crosses in heaven so embrace them now as a gift. This is your opportunity to grow close to me through your cross. I will pour out love and mercy for those who carry their cross bravely. Do you understand? Do not try to make it go away. It is a wonderful gift. Take up your little crosses each day and the big ones will be easier to carry. I leave you with love and peace this day.
Love, Jesus

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hope Does Not Always Come Easy

November 22, 2011
I want you to write a message about hope and the prayer life. Hope does not always come easy my child but it is quite a virtue. Hope can come at anytime day or night and sustain you. Sincere fasting and prayer can increase your hope. Hope will lead you to eternal life. When contemplating hope, think about trust. Trust will lead you to hope. Hope in all good things. It will never disappoint you. My hope on earth is what kept me going. I hoped in my Father’s will and love for me. An ounce of hope will beat all despair. When praying for hope, know it may come gradually. Hope in the valley of your darkest fears. It will get you out. It will help you to rise above the darkness. You will fear no evil. Advancement in hope may come with age. So know that your hope can always increase. This should give you much hope in itself. Hope is light and can heal a weary soul. And when you hope in me, I will never let you down. It is not possible. Trust in me with all of your hopes and fears and I will give you rest. You must believe in my words for they are not in vain. Hope in me with all of your body, mind, and soul. Blind faith requires hope in the Lord. This is what carried many of the saints. You cannot hope in this life. It will let you down. Hope in the next because it is a given. Hope in the fact that my love will never let you go. You are safe with me. Safe for eternity. Practice your hope in me and your faith will grow. I love you.
Love, Jesus

Monday, November 21, 2011

What Runs The Universe

November 17, 2011
Speak to the world of my great love. It is all knowing and all powerful. It can heal a multitude of sins. It can bless you in many ways. Showing love to others is giving them Jesus. It is a great gift. Blessed are you who seek out others and show them love. Especially your enemies. Love is granted when you least expect it sometimes. Suffering is a great way that love is brought forth. Suffering out of love is the greatest gift. Small acts of love is what is needed for the kingdom to grow. Loving your neighbor should always come first when trying to sacrifice. All things grow out of great love. Love for neighbor, God, and self. Many things will flow from this great love - prayer, hope, faith, charity an a caring heart. Charity for others brings Jesus to them. God created everything from love. It is what runs the universe. We need more of it today to fight evil. Evil will not win against love. It cannot touch love. Love and suffering work together to produce great fruits. Fruits that will last a lifetime. Remember this my children when you are suffering. Bring love for others into the picture and the suffering will yield a great harvest. Love is greater than any evil known to mankind. Use it to win the war. The love you have for your family and friends can defeat great evils. Use it my child. Fight in the name of love, a love that Jesus had for you on the cross. When you love until it hurts you know it is right. God bless you and your loved ones.
Your Jesus

Friday, November 11, 2011

Trust Beyond Your Own Measure

November 10, 2011
Please come to me all who labor and I will give you rest. You must believe this my children. So few of you are really trusting in me today. This really hurts me. When in doubt, trust and rely on me for everything. I will fulfill your needs. You must not look to worldly things for what only heaven can give. Do you understand this? Call on me and I will answer. Fear not the ways of the wicked for they cannot hurt my chosen children. This must bring you great peace. Another way to trust me is to rely on me in each daily task. I will help you with your work if you let me. It is hard on your own, but not with me by your side. Cherish our time together. I certainly do. I want to provide my children with what they need, but please lean on me. What else can I say but pray and trust fervently. Trust beyond your own measure. This will bring you much faith and much peace. I know it can be hard sometimes, but if you find quiet time with me, you can begin to trust more. I am the Alpha and the Omega. The One who is and who is to come. Do not look for me anywhere but your heart. I am there. I will pull on your heart strings and you will know it is I. Trust is an issue that many of you struggle with. I am here to help you. Make simple acts of faith everyday and your trust will grow. Trust now that I am speaking to you. Do not doubt this. I am with you now in adoration. Start practicing trusting more and great things will begin to happen.
Your Jesus

Friday, November 4, 2011

Die To Yourself Daily

November 3, 2011
My peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. You must believe that you can have this peace on earth. But it won’t come from earthly things. Accepting all that God gives you on a daily basis will bring you true peace. You must accept God’s will completely in all trials and sufferings. God knows what is best, not us. The more acceptance you have of your condition, the more peace it will bring. Love God in all things and he will bring you peace. Do not try to find peace in earthly things. This will not happen my children. Call on me to bring you the peace you need. Strive for peace. It is what I want for you my child. Not anxiety and distress. I did not create you this way. Sin has made way to anxiety and stress. Peace is a gift from me that I want you to have. You can find great peace in suffering when suffering with me. It is the simple treasures as these where you will find your peace. Think not of your own suffering, but try to help others. This will bring great peace. Die to yourself daily and forget yourselves. Great peace will come to those who practice this. I did not walk the earth trying to help myself, but I searched to help others. This is what you must do as a mother, wife, and friend. Let this sink into your heart. Do not care much for your own well-being. Care for others and you will be taken care of. Trust me greatly in times of distress and don’t follow your emotions but follow your heart. Always ask, what would Jesus do, and you will find an answer. My peace is for you if you follow these simple steps. I love you.
Peace be with you,

Friday, October 28, 2011

The End Of An Era

October 28, 2011
We are coming to the end of an era. Much turmoil is coming, so true peace can come forth. I want to stress the importance of repentance. Come to me in your dark times of sin and guilt and I will free you. Do not take part in repeating sins but bring them to me. Whatever trouble or discouragement you might have, I can heal you. You do not know the hour I am coming so you must be ready. Search your heart for those things that need forgiven. Come to me in confession. I will give you special graces. Know that I am always with you no matter what sin you are facing. My mercy is waiting. Go forth and tell others of this great mercy. It is for all to see. No other time has there been this much mercy pouring forth. I want hardened sinners to come to me and take advantage of my mercy. Will you help them? I need you and others to be an example. Please recite the divine mercy chaplet daily. It will help sinners come to me. It is a precious gift sent to you through St. Faustina. I love you my children. Don’t be so hard on yourselves. Make changes daily and you will get there. I created you out of love and that love will heal your hearts. Come to me often in adoration and Eucharist and I can begin to heal you of your sins. We can make a difference together. I love you.
Love, Jesus

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fear Not When The Devil Torments You

October 26, 2011
My humble soul, I know you are troubled today. But you must listen to my call. I have called you by name for this mission. It is a mission of love and only your suffering can make it grow deeper. Tell other souls of your suffering because only then are you united solely to me. Suffering is such a great gift. Give me your sufferings as a gift to save souls. Sometimes it is all I have. I know how much you love me. Thank you. We are uniting now as one. You can find a great peace in this my child. You are doing all you can to save souls. Fear not when the devil torments you. Put on the armor of God to protect you. You are a child of love and are gentle and kind. Satan’s lies cannot harm you. You are completing a great task for me. A mission dear to my heart. Thank you for your perseverance. I am the one true God, the Father of all. I will bring you light in this darkness. Just wait patiently. I will come.
Your True Jesus

Friday, October 21, 2011

You Were Created Out Of Love

October 20, 2011
I want to speak to you of my great love. My Father is love and I am His keeper. We work together for the kingdom. Many evils are at hand today. Abortions, pornography, disease and my great love can heal. When you start from the beginning, I healed Adam and Eve with my great love. I can do the same today. You must turn away from evil and come to me so I can heal you. When in doubt, look no further than your heart and find me there. I am the great I Am. Just be with me and I can heal you. I show my children many sides of myself. Love is a great part of me. It can heal all things, remember this. No evil can destroy my love. My vine is full of a great harvest for those who come to me. Only true love can heal a multitude of sins. Love is instilled in all of you. You were created out of love, and great love you do have. It is united to me. My power will help you see the light in love. It is a great light burning bright. Evil cannot extinguish it. My children are saved through great love. A love that only I can give. When you are feeling sorrow or trouble, remember my love. It will carry you. It is always there, my child. You can imagine my love when you feel love for a child. My love is exemplified in that love. I want the best for my children. Whatsoever is good, fair, and kind brings forth love. It is a powerful gift. A gift the world cannot give. Look to others and bring them love for me. I love you.
Love, Jesus

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Am Calling Each Of You By Name

October 18, 2011
I want you to write about the divine word. My word speaks so many truths that you need to hear. I do not lie. My knowledge comes to you through my word. If you are unclear of a path to choose, read my word. It is calming and peaceful. I go before you to lead the way. You never have to make these decisions alone. I am with you through my word and prayer. Why come to me if you won’t listen to the truth? It cannot be denied. It can speak multitudes to your hearts. I will always leave the door open for you to come in. Speak to me often as I speak to you through my word. Find wisdom in knowing the truth. The truth will set you free from the lies of Satan. He cannot harm the truth. My word is a shield against his lies. I call all of you friend who listen to my word. It is not hard to follow. Find your treasure in it. It will bring you guidance and rest. My word can be spoken to your heart if you listen. I am calling each of you by name. Come follow me.
Your Jesus

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anxiety Is Not Of Me But Of The World

October 13, 2011
My message is for you and for the world. Come to me all you who labor and I will give you rest. You must believe this. Anxiety is not of me but of the world. I can take this from you. You have to let me. Lean on me only and I will be your shield. The devil cannot touch you when I am with you. Do not believe he has more power than he does. This is a false misconception. Your heart and love is stronger than he. Be confident in this my child. I know you are struggling with lies from the devil, but that is all they are - LIES. Lies cannot hurt you. You must cast them away as such and lean on me. I am your gentile Jesus ready to hold you with peace and kindness. These are my words indeed. So many fall because they don’t truly believe in my words. I will never lie to you my child - NEVER. You are safe with me. Now, you will have struggles but you will always remain safe. Let this be your peace and live life to its fullest. Don’t let a lie hold you back. You are a precious gem to me and let it be known to yourself. Your spirit is strong and radiant. Let the tears be a sign of my love for you.  You will never fall with such a strong spirit. The Holy Spirit fills you. You and I are one.  Tell the world this peace is for all to have. Be still and know me. I am with you. Let your burdens fall on me. I want you to tell the world that I love them and my mercy flows out to them. You are a great example of this. You have felt my mercy and love today. I mean this for you everyday. Remember that not a day goes by that I am not walking with you. Go and share God’s love and mercy with others.
Your Precious Jesus

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do Not Despair For The World

October 11, 2011
My thoughts and prayers are with you today. Do not despair for the world today my children. I am coming to your hearts with many blessings and mercy. Today is a day to lift your eyes to me and pray for the conversion of the world. In due time, all of this will come to pass and true peace will reign. My children, look not far from yourselves when praying for sinners. Use your sufferings to save your own souls as well. Be vigilant in your fasting and praying for sinners. Offer up every little suffering to me for sin. Purgatory is over-pouring with sinners who need your prayers. When will the day come when you will listen to my calling? I need your prayers for so many sinners. My heart aches at the thought of losing one more soul. Please help me save them. I love them my children. You can show them my love on earth in your daily prayers and devotions. Please be my eyes and ears there. You can help a multitude of sinners. I rejoice when one sinner comes home. Please help me. Time is now running out before the illumination. Pray hard and vigilant.  Don’t give up. Your prayers are really working. When in doubt, just pray, it will help a soul. Say a quick prayer or devotions that you know to save a sinner. My prayers and thoughts are with you at this time. Take courage, we are making a difference.
Your Jesus

Monday, October 10, 2011

Perfect Peace And Harmony

October 9, 2011
I want you to write two words today - peace and harmony. My children should be in touch with me to find their true peace and work in harmony with me like a beautiful orchestra. I am not far from you my children. When you call me, I answer, but you must quiet your hearts and listen. Please turn away from outward disturbances. I know this is hard, but find the rhythm and harmony with me and no others. Seek and you will find, knock and I will answer. It is me my child calling you. When will you realize that you can’t do it by yourselves. You need to be in harmony with the one true God. Nature finds a way to bring this harmony together. It works perfectly to restore and bring forth new life. Study nature, and you will find me. I am calling you forth to be abundant and produce much fruit. Acts of kindness and generosity are the fruits you can cherish. Knowledge will be at the forefront only when you have peace and harmony with me first. Then, you will start to understand many things. Let your relationship with me flow like water. I will not hide from you. I love you and you are mine. Find the tranquility of nature, and you will find me in perfect peace and harmony. All is well.
Peace & love,

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

October 6, 2011
The calm before the storm is always a telltale sign of things to come. Great peace will come to all with the illumination. You will feel My love in a new way. My mercy will pour out over the whole world and you will feel peace. Then, a dark night and time of turmoil will cover the world. Do not be afraid but clothe yourself in prayer and My Word. So many of you will try to run, but just run to Me. I will protect you. We still need many prayers for the conversion of sinners and the prayers must continue throughout the time of darkness. Then peace will arise once more, but a new peace for all people. A new earth so to say. So do not be downtrodden. You and your family will be protected. It is those who remain in sin who will not be protected. Come to Me always and I will comfort and protect you, for I am the Alpha and Omega - the One who is and is to come. I love you all and I want to hold you all in the palm of My hand. Like a mother holds and nurtures her child, so I hold you. You cannot find discomfort in this. It is not possible, but only joy and peace come from My words. Let the peace of Me flow to those around you. Then the peace of Me will cover the whole earth. What a sight to behold! Prayer and much fasting must continue in order for this peace to flow. It is yours to partake in. Just accept My peace and love and it is yours. I love you My children. Continue on the good path and we will make a difference in the world.
Your Loving Savior,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meditate On Holy Things

October 4, 2011
My child, tell my children to calm their minds, hearts, and spirits. Clear them out to make a way for me to enter in. I cannot calm the storm when there is already much turmoil. You might say, ‘Why must I do this, Lord?” Well, in order for us to communicate better. It takes a strong effort on your part to calm your minds and hearts of outward disturbances, in order that we can be united. Just tell yourself the words “calm” and “quiet” over and over again and I will come. Call out my name, Jesus, and I will be there. Turn from your wicked ways and follow my light. I need you to come to me in contemplative prayer. This means to quiet yourself and meditate on holy things so we can be together. Then, I wish for you to pray for lost souls with me in this contemplative time. A storm is raging in your world, my children. It takes hours of fasting and prayer to calm this storm. But together we will get there. Two hours, four hours, six... no one knows when I will come to judge, so be ready and bring as many souls with you as possible. Love and laughter are a good way to calm the spirit. Prayer and fasting help calm the mind. My vines are fruitful when you pray with me. Together we can win souls. Come to me in your divine inspirations and I will be there waiting. I love you.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prayers Will Help You With The Illumination

September 28, 2011
My child, listen to me now. I give you much mercy when you repent. Repentance must come from the heart as in your case. But I do wish you not to keep committing the same sins. As I have said before, fasting and prayer are the best way to much holiness. You are a people who need each other. Prayer in groups is a powerful thing. Make time for such groups as these, all the while keeping your solitude prayer life alive. Now is the time to rise up with much prayer and fasting for the time of enlightenment is at hand. Your prayers will help you with the illumination to help you to know your sins. Prayer helps you to reflect on what needs changed in your life. I don’t ask too much of you, but give me greater time in your day. You need this time with me to change your souls. Just add time with me little by little to your daily lives, and watch the change. I want to be a big part of your life. Now we need to work together to save souls. Total abandonment to me is needed so I can direct you. All is well in the kingdom when you and others pray to save souls. We need to work together day by day. Do not fear that this task is too difficult. Nothing is too difficult with me at your side. Pray hard for the conversion of sinners. Do not delay. Time is ticking away.
My blessings,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let Go Of The Control Of Your Day

September 26, 2011
I want you to write on humility. What I mean is a humble heart. So many of you try to succeed in prayer, but do not give up all of yourselves in doing so. You must become little like St. Therese, so I can increase in your lives. Please rely on Me for everything that you need and I will bring it. I first need you to let go of the control of your day, your lives. It is not in living but in dying to yourself that I can take over and when I do, my child, you will then find your true peace. It is self surrender and in order to do this you must become humble. It is not about your plans, but my plans for you. Leave it up to Me to plan your days. Consult Me with what acts you should take on a given day. I will help you. I will be there to guide you away from anxiety. Anxiety is worrying about the future. Always stay in the present with Me and you won’t have anxiety. Practice becoming meek and humble and life will become so much simpler. Take these words into your daily lives now and watch what happens. I love you.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Deny Yourself To Save Souls

September 24, 2011
Fasting is very important my child. It will lead you to goodwill. It will help you to overcome many obstacles. It will take you less time to overcome certain vices through fasting. Sometimes it is the last key that one needs to find holiness as in your case. Making simple acts to deny yourself each day is all you need to do. It is very important to practice denying yourself carnal pleasures. It brings you closer to Me and to holiness. Whether you deny yourself a cup of coffee or a meal, it all helps to purify you. It will also help you to overcome your sin. Repentance is important each day, and fasting will work together with this. When in doubt, deny yourself to save souls. Prayer and fasting are key ways to be united to Me faster. Also, holy communion and confession bring you to Me on a quicker level. Take each day one at a time, and try to find one or two ways to grow closer to Me. Fasting on a small level will be a good start. I am always here ready to work with you. Let us begin anew together.
Your Jesus

Saturday, September 24, 2011

You Do Not Have To Conquer Sin On Your Own

September 22, 2011
My love is over-pouring for you. It is a love of great hope. Hope in Me. Trust in Me. Build your confidence in Me. This is where you will find your peace. So many of you do not look to Me to find peace. It can be found nowhere else. I know that there are many stones in the way on the path to holiness, but you will get there my child. Trust Me for your security. Your life has already been entrusted to Me. Now just live for Me. You must follow Me with sincere and honest hearts. Sincerity comes from within and it is what I need from you. I do not need lofty books read or lectures learned, but sincere prayers from your hearts. Peace will come to those who are patient and wait for Me. Sometimes you many have to wait a long time but it will earn you great merit. Your rewards will be great in the end. When temptations strike, strike back. Use my name to fight the temptations. Do not be afraid for they cannot harm you. You must be secure in my help and love for you. You will overcome these obstacles in due time. But for now, trust in Me. I have overcome these temptations for you. I have conquered sin and death so you can live. You do not have to conquer sin on your own. That has become a great misconception in the world. Come to Me with your sins so I can help you. Bring them all to me. Much praise for life and love will help stop a multitude of sins. Laugh and love much and your peace will come. All is well with you and the kingdom.
Your Loving Jesus

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It Takes Time And Endurance To Find Peace

September 20, 2011
I want you to write two more words tonight - peace and endurance. You might find it hard to know that to find true peace takes much endurance of crosses and trials. It is not easy to suffer, but to suffer for me, your Jesus, brings great peace. Peace is not found in worldly things my child, but in the heavenly things. It takes time and endurance to find peace through Me my children, but it is always here waiting for you. When else can you feel that perfect peace except when resting with Me. No other time will bring you the peace than resting quietly with Me. Endurance comes into play when carrying heavy crosses. Pray for the endurance needed to suffer peacefully. It will come my children. I had to endure much suffering in order for my inner peace to come. I found it in my Father, so will you. Do not be dismayed when working toward true inner peace. It takes time to get to know Me, but quiet your hearts and you will find Me there and the peace you need. When in doubt look to my Father and rest in His love. True peace can be felt and also known by its qualities. Comfort, joy, patience, calm and love are some of these. You will get there my children. Ask for the grace to find and seek peace and endure gracefully your trials to get there. God loves you, go in peace.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Good News On Suffering

September 19, 2011
I want you to write of two words - love and patience. These are two words not used much together these days. When one is asked to suffer, there must be love and also patience to endure. Healing and My will don’t always come quickly. Don’t be hasty and think that the suffering will pass simply and quickly. It must be used in My time. I need your sufferings, my child, to accomplish many things. Mere mortals cannot always save themselves, but your suffering can be offered up as redemptive for many souls. When in question, offer up your suffering and accept it with patience and love. No evil can attack this type of suffering used for me. Be patient and loving with others as well as yourselves. You must be patient with your own sufferings in order to help others. I try you out of love and great patience is needed to endure your trials. I will be coming as a loving judge very soon. It will help purify you. I come as a just judge and await your conversion. Do not look far to call to mind your sins. They should be very apparent to you. In order to become pure, you many have to suffer much, but the rewards will be endless. Do you understand how love and patience work together to help to endure sufferings? They make them bearable with my help. When is this necessary? In all suffering, love and patience is necessary. My kingdom rejoices when I view suffering this way. No other way is profitable. Love and be patient with yourself and others, and the sufferings will turn to joy in due time. All is well in the kingdom because you choose to suffer courageously. Go and spread more good news on suffering.
Your Jesus

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Good News About Suffering

September 14, 2011
I want you to tell my precious souls to start living for Jesus. So many of you are turning away from me. I need you now more than ever. Now is the time to put all tasks aside and look to me. I need you to start praying to win many souls over for my cause. Only you can take up your cross and carry it to save souls. That is what the cross is for. An instrument of love. By sacrificing and taking up your crosses, love is winning. Love will overpower all evil. The evil one cannot battle love. For love is patient and kind, far from sin. Love is made from pure sacrifice and self denial. When in doubt, put on the armor of love. It will defeat all evils my child. I know you are struggling right now, but your love is growing immensely. It takes much love to carry a heavy cross and serve. This cross I have given you is tailor made just for you. It will produce great love from you. Do not be afraid when carrying your cross, but rather, embrace it. It is a chance for you to grow closer to me. It is a great gift. Just carry it quietly and you will never falter. Do not run from suffering because it leads to great love. Never question my reasons for it. It is so good for you. Whenever your cross seems too heavy, call out to me, your Jesus. I will carry it with you. I am carrying you on this journey and won’t let you fall. Everything else and worldly measures might fail you, but I never will. It is in times of great suffering that I can speak to your heart. Why be afraid of suffering when it can produce such great merit for you? The times you have suffered the most, you have been the closest to me. My love for you abounds in your weakness. Embrace your weaknesses which will lead you to true peace. I love you so much and will always be here for you. Go and spread the good news about suffering.
Your Jesus

Friday, September 9, 2011

Always Look At Yourself First In Reflection

Sep. 8, 2011
Our time is running short my child. When do you think it will be time for the renewal? It is now. It is a time of reflection, praise, and worship. I need those followers of mine to bow down and pray, for I need your prayers at this time. World leaders are conjuring up great evils upon mankind, and I need you to fight this with prayer. Close your eyes and see a vision of peace to come for all of mankind but this will come after great trials. When will this happen you say, after a time of great renewal. Be steadfast in your prayers knowing that I will bring this about. But for now I need you to turn away from sin. This means any and all temptation that comes your way. I will not dismiss even the smallest sins because they hurt mankind. When in doubt, deny yourself, and turn away from sin. Always look at yourself first in reflection. Know that I will always be here helping you turn away from these sins. Even the smallest inkling of temptation is one to turn away from. My Father knows how hard it is, that is why I am here for intersession. Hide yourself in my wounds and you will be safe. Many of you do not turn to me in times of temptation. I will rescue you. You must fly to me when temptation strikes and I will shield you. You must turn the other cheek, when foes cause you dismay, to reject the temptation to sin. I know this is hard my child, but it is your duty as a Christian. Temptation will strike at any given moment, so you must be secure in my love for you and come to me for strength against these vices. I am fighting for you at all times so do not despair. Rather rejoice in knowing that you are not alone in your temptations. Try to come to me when you find it hard to resist a bad habit. I will help make it easier for you. Now, go and pray and fast for the kingdom. Remember, a time of renewal is at hand for all of God’s children to come back to Him. There just needs to be time for quiet reflection and prayer. All is well my child. Go now and turn away from sin.
Your Jesus

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Light Will Be Shed On The World

Sep. 7, 2011
Speak openly to those who are listening because I am calling them by name. Now is the time to get on your knees in prayer for great mercy is upon you. No other time have I poured out my mercy so openly upon you. The good will remain good and the evil can be transformed. I need your prayers to help me find those lost in the desert. But there will be light, my child for those who seek me. All is not lost for many souls will see the light soon. Your prayers are helping my dear child. Continue to fast and pray for the kingdom is at hand. When two or more are gathered together there am I in their midst. I am here now my child for all of those who pray. When shall my kingdom unfold? It is now, my child. A new light will be shed on the world for all to see. So many will know my name because of my light, still others will choose to remain in darkness. This is their choice my child and I will not interfere. The meek will remain humble and the cowardly will reject me. I speak of a coming of light that will change so many hearts. So look to the future as a great time of peace and tranquility for the kingdom. Thank you for your prayers my child.
Your Jesus

Thursday, September 1, 2011

After The Illumination

September 1, 2011

I have a message for you about the state of souls. Many souls right now are lost my child. They need me and they feel they have no where to turn. This is not a true statement for I, their God, are with them. From now on they will see the light in a new way after the illumination. Their conscience will be brought to their attention in a new way. This will all happen at once but last a lifetime. The prayers I need from you are prayers for endurance and strength for their hearts. Seeing their conscience the way I see it will not be an easy task. It will be painful and hurt to some extent but will save many souls from final damnation. My hope is that many souls will turn away from evil ways and find me. There will be much consolation also in days to come. Do not turn a deaf ear to me for I will be present and instructing you. The day’s journey ahead may be weary but a good one. All the more to praise me. When all else fails you will look to the sky and see me there. I will be leaving a permanent sign for all to wonder and see. This will remind you of your sin but also my mercy. Take it upon yourselves to pray for the sins of the world. Someone must do it. All is never lost when dealing with my mercy. I hope and pray that you will not forget me in these times. It will be very majestic for some of you. Some will fear but for no good reason. My yoke is light and I will see to it that I make the burden light for those following me. You may not understand what I am telling you but that is OK. Just meditate on it and pray hard for the conversion of sinners. I love you so much and my love surpasses all understanding. Just feel my love and leave it at that. That is all you may be able to do at some times. But when you hear my voice take it to heart because only I can speak to you that way. Have no fear about these messages for they come with pure love. But make sure you pray over them and meditate on their meaning. Feel the peace I leave with you, the peace the world cannot give you. You know this, my child. I love you.
Love, Jesus

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Rhythm And Timing That Moves All Things

August 29, 2011

Rhythm is the word I want you to wright down. For it is my rhythm and timing that moves all things. Nature is a good place to start when trying to find me. I move and have being in all things. Make no mistake that it is I breathing through all things. When it comes to matters of the heart I am there. Do not doubt or question my presence. I am in all things. Knowing this, you should feel very confident in my love for you. I am here now and always have been. Look no further than your heart and you will find me there, but you have to deny yourself to find me. Much fasting and prayer is needed in this time of renewal. I am not looking only to clergy but to lay persons as well. Please recite your daily prayers with a new vigor. Go and tell people of my presence, for it is only I that can save them. Turn away from worldly distractions and follow me. Torments are coming so strong like violent rivers so stay close to me. Never turn your back for an instance because the devil is close at hand. I move and breathe around you like air through the trees. I am always here my child. I will never let you go. Never.
Your Jesus
P.S. Pray and fast hard like never before for the conversion of sinners.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Cross Is A Blessing

August 25, 2011
My child, hear my voice when I call you. Now is the time to turn away from sin and look toward me. The time has come for you to put away your bad habits. These can be as slight as a mean word or as great as a heavy cross. I need you to come to me and lay your burdens down. This will make them much easier to handle. It is time for my children to take up their crosses and to pray for endurance while suffering. Is that too much for me to ask my child? I think not. So much glory can be brought to my Father by taking up your cross. It is very hard at times my child, I know this, but it is all worth it. You remain in me and I in you. Always remember this. You are never alone to suffer your crosses. Never. The time has come for all to take up their crosses, small or big, whatever they may be. In time you will see the way of the cross. It is a beautiful way. It is carved out of love. Love has no boundaries and there will always be enough love for you to take up your sufferings. Love is God and God is love. He has enough for all and will never let you go. I had to take up my cross at Calvary, but God never let me go. He is always there holding us if we fall. Remember that. So no suffering can ever be too much for us to handle with God my Father. Do you understand this great truth? It is fitting at a time like this with so much suffering in the world. Is it not? Your great crosses will be your great rewards. Count up your crosses and throw them at God’s hands because he can take them for you. It takes great surrender to divine providence to give up your cross. You will still merit from your cross but God will help you carry part of it. Isn’t this a great truth to know my child? You ask why is it so hard to believe? Because you don’t trust your Father God enough. He asks you to give him your cares and your worries and he will make them light. You must believe this. A cross is a blessing. It can save so many souls and your own. We need you to take up your crosses for greater reward. All is well in the kingdom when you take up your cross. Come and follow me and I will give you rest.
Your Lord,
Jesus Christ
P.S. Holy are they who seek the kingdom of God.

This Is The Key To My Timing. Trust...

August 24, 2011 - God The Father
I will come to you only in the silence of your heart. Sometimes I am there and you are not listening. When two or more are gathered in my name there I am in their midst. So many of you don’t come to me when you need to the most. I am here pouring out my love for you and at times you don’t accept. For now is the time to come to me more than ever before. I am here ready to help you with your conversion. You must come forth at this time, on your knees if need be and repent. For this is the only way to my kingdom. Time is running short my friends and leaders of great nations are bringing about much evil. Evil in the eyes of even fellow worshippers. So stay awake and be ready to defend me for I need your help. I need your fruits to help others struggling to find me. All is not lost, for our kingdom is winning. Bring your friends to me to help fight as well. Do not delay in your trust of me. This is the key to my timing. Trust now and all will fall into place. Go now my child and spread these messages. I need you.
Your Father

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do Not Doubt

August 22, 2011 - God the Father

I will come to you in the stillness of your heart. Do not doubt that I am here. Why should you doubt when all signs point toward me? Warn my people to listen to my calling. They can’t ignore their God. It is I calling you now to come forth and know me. I am trying to be very direct with you so you know it is I. Please do not doubt me for I am your Savior. I need all to come together at this time to pray. Pray for conversion, pray for peace, hope, and love amongst my people. Any inkling that you have toward me is good. I am your God who wants to save you from the hellfire. I come in great love to show you my mercy. Please believe it is for you and for all who come to me. Whatever is good, whatever holy comes from me. All else must be cast out. Do not fear your feelings and emotions because they are from me. Continue on this journey of great grace and I will lead and take care of you.
Your God and Holy Father

Monday, August 22, 2011

Repentance Is The Way

August 21, 2011

My message is a simple one. Follow the longings in your heart and there you will find me. So many of you are looking for me in the wrong places. I cannot be found when TV’s are on or much commotion is taking place. You have to search for the quiet time in order to hear me. A new time is coming when it will be easier to hear me clearly. You will see when the time comes that quiet time is much sought after. There may be much peril in days ahead but I will still be present. I am always present to you if you look. Open your hearts now for now is the time of great mercy. No other time have I been this present to you. It is a gift that I give in my mercy. Look not far to find it, because it is present when you truly repent. Repentance is the way to my heart and mercy. Come now and truly follow me because I am here for you. Do not be afraid of times to come but rather see them as a time of true grace for my people. We are on this journey together and in order to win souls we must pray and fast together. When the time is right, I will look on my children with great mercy and favor, but your hearts must be in the right place. A place of love and compassion for fellow man. We have come to a place in time where man is put against man. I did not intend for it to be this way my child. Man is supposed to take care of fellow man in all ways possible. This saddens me to see such a sight. However, we can work together to begin to change this one prayer at a time. All is not lost in this matter. Look to me for guidance and I will lead you there. Thank you for taking the time to write today. Remember to spread the good news when you can.
Your Jesus

A New Time Is Coming

August 11, 2011

Our world is in need of change. So many of you look only to your own longings and not mine. What I fear for you is a loss of what is good and right. It is not easy to follow me, I know, but it is the only way to your salvation. So many of you in the past and today look to other gods, money, food, drink, looks, etc. These things only come to pass but I remain. A new time is coming my child when these old gods will fade away and your one God will stand alone with you. Tell others not to hold on to these other gods because they will be highly disappointed in due time. Why would one not strive to get to know their one true God? It is only a question of time to when these other gods will come to pass. Why not start trying now to get to know me? I have already made a covenant with my people that cannot be broken. There will come a sign in the sky that will hold as a new covenant with me. As everyone has left adoration, it is a perfect time to be alone with me. This is what I want you to teach to fellow souls...find quiet time with me and get to know me. It is only in doing so that we can become friends. All is well in the kingdom and there is nothing to fear. I have already come to save my people, but I still need your help to save many more. The time has come for us to come together and bring as many souls back to me as possible. These lost souls need your help to find their way back to the kingdom. Do not stop praying and fasting for it is not in vain. Every prayer lifted high to me can save a soul. Look to your great suffering now as a time to save many souls. All you have to do is offer your suffering to me and go about your daily tasks. What greater gift could you give me than your suffering so we can save a precious soul? It is not too much to ask my friends, is it? Remember again to seek quiet time with me so we can save souls together. Thank you for taking this prayer time with me again, for it has been a few days since we talked. You must do this on a daily basis if not hourly, if need be. Rejoice for all is well in the kingdom and I look forward to seeing your progress. Your reward will be great in heaven my friend for saying yes to becoming a victim soul. Go in peace to love and serve your Lord.

Jesus Christ,
Your Friend