Sunday, January 27, 2013

Souls in Purgatory Are Being Forgotten

January 24, 2013
I have a message today about the souls in purgatory. Look out for them my children. Pray for them often. There is no one else to pray for them. Offer up your sacrifices as a holocaust for them. They are pouring out their hearts hoping you will pray for them. This is a time when they are suffering much but longing for me. Think of them in your daily prayers and know that you will too be there if you do not sacrifice for me on this earth. Trust that you will be taken care of if you are my true daughter or son. I know this is a lot to understand. You do not have to understand all now. It is so sad that my souls in purgatory are being forgotten. Too much pride and selfishness is falling on the earth. No one is willing to think of others. Why? Why is this happening? Man is following man and not me. I am the only truth. Time will soon tell this. This is the age of death, and your one true savior can release you from it. Know that those loved ones in purgatory will see me soon and strive not for the riches of this life but the next. That is one truth of the souls in purgatory. Materials became their gods, but learn from them. I am giving you this warning to drop material items at this time. Life will be more precious in the next. You will have purged yourself already in this life. What a true gift. To see my Father in paradise and to be free of earthly evils. I love you so much and this is why I tell you this now. Time is running short. Pray for peace, an end to abortion, and the poor souls in purgatory. They are safe on the road to me. All is well.

Your Jesus

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