Monday, August 1, 2011

The Upcoming Illumination

July 29, 2011
I want to tell my followers that this will be a time of renewal for those baptized souls. It will be a time for those who have fallen away from the church to come back to God. Only God knows who these precious souls are and will lead them accordingly. But your job my child, is to speak the truth to them. These souls are planted in many different areas and walks of life around the world. They need to hear the message of the upcoming illumination to come together. I am asking people to come together in groups to pray for my mercy and forgiveness. I will renew them body, mind, and soul in My time. Do not turn a deaf ear on my teachings, because they are very pertinent now. My messages contain love, peace, mercy, and hope for those who repent. Repentance is key in this time of disturbance. Now is the time to come together in groups and pray for God’s mercy. He will bestow the graces upon you to do so. It will be a struggle for many believers at this time, that is why I am asking you to congregate together as one body. I will bless these groups with knowledge and wisdom for the upcoming events. Bring this info to prayer groups and those alike. All is well in the kingdom with prayers like you. When will the time come for those who have been called? The time is now my child. There are great disturbances in the world, and at times like these, you must flee to My Sacred Heart. Go now in peace to serve.

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