Monday, August 1, 2011

Time is Still Running Out

July 7, 2011
Time is still running out my friends. However, my mercy is available to those who are listening. Come to me through my sacred heart. Watch the clock in my time, not your time and listen with your heart. My heart is open to those who need me. Tell your friends and family to come to me through my sacred heart. Those who are weary and suffering, do not despair, there is always hope in me. Tell everyone that I am their one true friend that hears all. Come to me only when you are ready and open and I am always waiting. I am always waiting with open arms to fill you with my love. Do not look for worldly things to fill your needs. This won’t happen and you’ll be left discouraged. But trust in me and only me and your heart will rejoice. I am your teacher and friend who will never leave you. If only you would trust in me with all your cares and not only some, your world would be a better and more peaceful place. My words are filled with wisdom and love for you my children. One more thing, tell your family and friends not to gossip and slander for it is hurting them and me and those around them. Bring these harsh feelings to me and I will heal you. All is well.
[You are allowed to sit in quiet in wonder and awe. Take this quiet out into the world with you.]

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