Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Rhythm And Timing That Moves All Things

August 29, 2011

Rhythm is the word I want you to wright down. For it is my rhythm and timing that moves all things. Nature is a good place to start when trying to find me. I move and have being in all things. Make no mistake that it is I breathing through all things. When it comes to matters of the heart I am there. Do not doubt or question my presence. I am in all things. Knowing this, you should feel very confident in my love for you. I am here now and always have been. Look no further than your heart and you will find me there, but you have to deny yourself to find me. Much fasting and prayer is needed in this time of renewal. I am not looking only to clergy but to lay persons as well. Please recite your daily prayers with a new vigor. Go and tell people of my presence, for it is only I that can save them. Turn away from worldly distractions and follow me. Torments are coming so strong like violent rivers so stay close to me. Never turn your back for an instance because the devil is close at hand. I move and breathe around you like air through the trees. I am always here my child. I will never let you go. Never.
Your Jesus
P.S. Pray and fast hard like never before for the conversion of sinners.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Cross Is A Blessing

August 25, 2011
My child, hear my voice when I call you. Now is the time to turn away from sin and look toward me. The time has come for you to put away your bad habits. These can be as slight as a mean word or as great as a heavy cross. I need you to come to me and lay your burdens down. This will make them much easier to handle. It is time for my children to take up their crosses and to pray for endurance while suffering. Is that too much for me to ask my child? I think not. So much glory can be brought to my Father by taking up your cross. It is very hard at times my child, I know this, but it is all worth it. You remain in me and I in you. Always remember this. You are never alone to suffer your crosses. Never. The time has come for all to take up their crosses, small or big, whatever they may be. In time you will see the way of the cross. It is a beautiful way. It is carved out of love. Love has no boundaries and there will always be enough love for you to take up your sufferings. Love is God and God is love. He has enough for all and will never let you go. I had to take up my cross at Calvary, but God never let me go. He is always there holding us if we fall. Remember that. So no suffering can ever be too much for us to handle with God my Father. Do you understand this great truth? It is fitting at a time like this with so much suffering in the world. Is it not? Your great crosses will be your great rewards. Count up your crosses and throw them at God’s hands because he can take them for you. It takes great surrender to divine providence to give up your cross. You will still merit from your cross but God will help you carry part of it. Isn’t this a great truth to know my child? You ask why is it so hard to believe? Because you don’t trust your Father God enough. He asks you to give him your cares and your worries and he will make them light. You must believe this. A cross is a blessing. It can save so many souls and your own. We need you to take up your crosses for greater reward. All is well in the kingdom when you take up your cross. Come and follow me and I will give you rest.
Your Lord,
Jesus Christ
P.S. Holy are they who seek the kingdom of God.

This Is The Key To My Timing. Trust...

August 24, 2011 - God The Father
I will come to you only in the silence of your heart. Sometimes I am there and you are not listening. When two or more are gathered in my name there I am in their midst. So many of you don’t come to me when you need to the most. I am here pouring out my love for you and at times you don’t accept. For now is the time to come to me more than ever before. I am here ready to help you with your conversion. You must come forth at this time, on your knees if need be and repent. For this is the only way to my kingdom. Time is running short my friends and leaders of great nations are bringing about much evil. Evil in the eyes of even fellow worshippers. So stay awake and be ready to defend me for I need your help. I need your fruits to help others struggling to find me. All is not lost, for our kingdom is winning. Bring your friends to me to help fight as well. Do not delay in your trust of me. This is the key to my timing. Trust now and all will fall into place. Go now my child and spread these messages. I need you.
Your Father

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do Not Doubt

August 22, 2011 - God the Father

I will come to you in the stillness of your heart. Do not doubt that I am here. Why should you doubt when all signs point toward me? Warn my people to listen to my calling. They can’t ignore their God. It is I calling you now to come forth and know me. I am trying to be very direct with you so you know it is I. Please do not doubt me for I am your Savior. I need all to come together at this time to pray. Pray for conversion, pray for peace, hope, and love amongst my people. Any inkling that you have toward me is good. I am your God who wants to save you from the hellfire. I come in great love to show you my mercy. Please believe it is for you and for all who come to me. Whatever is good, whatever holy comes from me. All else must be cast out. Do not fear your feelings and emotions because they are from me. Continue on this journey of great grace and I will lead and take care of you.
Your God and Holy Father

Monday, August 22, 2011

Repentance Is The Way

August 21, 2011

My message is a simple one. Follow the longings in your heart and there you will find me. So many of you are looking for me in the wrong places. I cannot be found when TV’s are on or much commotion is taking place. You have to search for the quiet time in order to hear me. A new time is coming when it will be easier to hear me clearly. You will see when the time comes that quiet time is much sought after. There may be much peril in days ahead but I will still be present. I am always present to you if you look. Open your hearts now for now is the time of great mercy. No other time have I been this present to you. It is a gift that I give in my mercy. Look not far to find it, because it is present when you truly repent. Repentance is the way to my heart and mercy. Come now and truly follow me because I am here for you. Do not be afraid of times to come but rather see them as a time of true grace for my people. We are on this journey together and in order to win souls we must pray and fast together. When the time is right, I will look on my children with great mercy and favor, but your hearts must be in the right place. A place of love and compassion for fellow man. We have come to a place in time where man is put against man. I did not intend for it to be this way my child. Man is supposed to take care of fellow man in all ways possible. This saddens me to see such a sight. However, we can work together to begin to change this one prayer at a time. All is not lost in this matter. Look to me for guidance and I will lead you there. Thank you for taking the time to write today. Remember to spread the good news when you can.
Your Jesus

A New Time Is Coming

August 11, 2011

Our world is in need of change. So many of you look only to your own longings and not mine. What I fear for you is a loss of what is good and right. It is not easy to follow me, I know, but it is the only way to your salvation. So many of you in the past and today look to other gods, money, food, drink, looks, etc. These things only come to pass but I remain. A new time is coming my child when these old gods will fade away and your one God will stand alone with you. Tell others not to hold on to these other gods because they will be highly disappointed in due time. Why would one not strive to get to know their one true God? It is only a question of time to when these other gods will come to pass. Why not start trying now to get to know me? I have already made a covenant with my people that cannot be broken. There will come a sign in the sky that will hold as a new covenant with me. As everyone has left adoration, it is a perfect time to be alone with me. This is what I want you to teach to fellow souls...find quiet time with me and get to know me. It is only in doing so that we can become friends. All is well in the kingdom and there is nothing to fear. I have already come to save my people, but I still need your help to save many more. The time has come for us to come together and bring as many souls back to me as possible. These lost souls need your help to find their way back to the kingdom. Do not stop praying and fasting for it is not in vain. Every prayer lifted high to me can save a soul. Look to your great suffering now as a time to save many souls. All you have to do is offer your suffering to me and go about your daily tasks. What greater gift could you give me than your suffering so we can save a precious soul? It is not too much to ask my friends, is it? Remember again to seek quiet time with me so we can save souls together. Thank you for taking this prayer time with me again, for it has been a few days since we talked. You must do this on a daily basis if not hourly, if need be. Rejoice for all is well in the kingdom and I look forward to seeing your progress. Your reward will be great in heaven my friend for saying yes to becoming a victim soul. Go in peace to love and serve your Lord.

Jesus Christ,
Your Friend

Monday, August 8, 2011

Trust Is A Big Issue

August 6, 2011 (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)

What I want you to write today is quite simple. Trust in me and I will give you rest. Trust is a big issue these days. It takes a lot to trust someone, I understand. But do you not realized that I am your almighty Father who should be easy to trust. I am Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three persons in one - so it should be easy to trust three persons. The way to trust more easily is through fasting and prayer. Not just fasting from food but wine, spirits, addictions, etc. You must become chaste and pure to trust me better. Faith has to grow over time with these measures. A long time ago I taught these virtues to my disciples, and I am still teaching them today. Expect many challenges to come your way, but all the better to serve Me. I am not hard to find or to follow, but you must trust Me and my teachings. Do not look far from yourself when trying to learn how to follow me. You are the one who needs mending. Do not look to your fellow man to try to change him. It does not work that way. Only look lovingly on yourself. My eyes will too be a good aid in trying to grow in virtue. These ways are easy to follow and make the load lighter. Do these things in memory of Me and you will progress toward the kingdom. All is well for now my child.
Your God, Father, Son, & Holy Spirit

Prayer Can Help Convert Many Sinners

August 4, 2011 (Mother Mary)

My Son needs you to pray for the conversion of sinners. My Son is very sad and hurt because no one wants to pray with Him. His loving arms are so open and so ready to accept sinners. The task at hand is a hard one, but we must bring sinners to Jesus. Time is running out to the call of His great mercy. Only you, my dear ones, can help bring sinners to my Jesus. He is morning and weeping to loose as many souls as he has. All is not lost because there is time left for prayer. Prayer can help convert many sinners and make a difference. I love you my dear children with all my heart and call upon me, Mary, your mother, in time of need. I will take you with me to Jesus’ Sacred Heart. Here you will find the peace and rest you need. His Sacred Heart is bleeding now for the sins of our world. Each drop of blood holds a multitude of sins. Do you not want to help my Jesus? Please pray harder than you ever have for these lost souls. This is my work I have for you. Jesus is hoping that you and others will continue to pray to save souls. These souls are lost but can be found. We can start changing the sin in our world a prayer at a time. My message is love and peace to you who are trying to make a difference. My son is praising you for taking on this mission. The evil one will try to stop you in your tracks but you must cast out his snares every time he attacks, only know that I and your Jesus are bigger than he. We can work together to crush his wickedness. Peace and love to all those who wait for the Lord.
Your Mother Mary

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Focus On My Holy Will

August 3, 2011
My dear ones, trust in my holy will for you. Not your own will, but my divine will. This will be your greatest call to holiness. Fear not, for all is well in the kingdom when you strive to do my holy will. Great disturbances may come to the world in due time, but you must focus on my holy will. It will be tempting to do as you please when it comes to torment and sadness, but focus on what I need you to do in each situation. There may be a time of starvation and hunger and it will be up to my holy people to fill the void. You cannot look to this task alone, but follow my holy instruction. Some people will scatter and flee from Me, but you, dear ones, stay close to Me and My divine will. If you are not sure what to do in a situation ask, “What would my Jesus do?” Then you will be living out my holy will for you. Start from point A and take it slow. It will start to make sense as it unfolds - my will for you. I do have a plan for every holy soul and it is easy to follow with much fasting and prayer. Times to come will call for my divine teaching and plan. Look no further than your heart for I am there. Your calling is a great one, my child, and I look forward to watching it unfold. Go now and spread my messages to those who need to hear. All is well.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Must Not Fall Away From Hope

August 2, 2011
My dear ones, call upon me and call upon me often. So many of you do not listen to the pleading of My heart. The call is to come back to me. I am waiting with open arms. Do not be afraid my child because fear is for the enemy. He is full of deceit and lies and will only lead you down a dark path. My road is full of light. A light which illuminates your hearts. Many of you carry heavy burdens these days. I know I am carrying them with you. But you must not fall away from hope. Only the deceiver will lead you to despair. Trust in me and lay your burdens down. Some of you may say, “but my burden is too heavy.” It is never too heavy for you to carry with me. Look to no other gods but myself to help you carry your crosses. Some light, some heavy, but all for your greater good. These trials of this life in turn produce the virtues you need to come away with me to the next life. All is not lost when you hit a bump in the road. Come to me and I will give you rest. For my yoke is easy and my burden light. Rest in the Spirit and it is as easy as that. Tell my followers to come away with me many times a day to that quiet place that we can share. This will help the load become light again. Follow me and only I will give you rest. Go in peace my child to love and serve your Lord.
Jesus Christ

A Time Of Renewal And Hope

July 31, 2011
I want you to ask yourselves what is this time we speak of? It is a time of renewal and hope in the Lord. No other time in history have I been so present to my people in Eucharist. This is the key in coming to know me. I am very present to you in the tabernacle, but you must spend time with Me. So many saints have come before you finding their way to me through the Eucharist. I know my sheep and they will follow me. You will hear my voice if you listen. This is a calling forth for my apostles to rise now and stand together. Do you understand this message? It is simple. Come to know me and follow me. I give you many ways to do this and coming to Eucharist is most simple. I have given you this gift many years ago and am renewing it in your lives. It is a call to trust in Me and put your armor on. The deceiver will pull you away with so many distractions. You must fight your way through this with me as your armor. I will never abandon you my children and will always be here when you need me. Call upon me often and I will be there. Look not to other gods but only find strength in Me. All is well with the kingdom because you follow Me. I am the only Way, the Truth and the Light. Find me. I promised I would leave you peace and this I will do. Go now and spread the good news.
Your Jesus

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Upcoming Illumination

July 29, 2011
I want to tell my followers that this will be a time of renewal for those baptized souls. It will be a time for those who have fallen away from the church to come back to God. Only God knows who these precious souls are and will lead them accordingly. But your job my child, is to speak the truth to them. These souls are planted in many different areas and walks of life around the world. They need to hear the message of the upcoming illumination to come together. I am asking people to come together in groups to pray for my mercy and forgiveness. I will renew them body, mind, and soul in My time. Do not turn a deaf ear on my teachings, because they are very pertinent now. My messages contain love, peace, mercy, and hope for those who repent. Repentance is key in this time of disturbance. Now is the time to come together in groups and pray for God’s mercy. He will bestow the graces upon you to do so. It will be a struggle for many believers at this time, that is why I am asking you to congregate together as one body. I will bless these groups with knowledge and wisdom for the upcoming events. Bring this info to prayer groups and those alike. All is well in the kingdom with prayers like you. When will the time come for those who have been called? The time is now my child. There are great disturbances in the world, and at times like these, you must flee to My Sacred Heart. Go now in peace to serve.

Take Time To Realize That This Life Is Short

July 28, 2011
Please tell others to go to the altar and pray. There you will find me in solitude and quiet. When is there a time more beautiful than to pray with me? It is not busy or bothersome, but where my heart is. How do you plan to grow in holiness if you don’t spend time with me? It is time to start slowing down. Take things at a snail’s pace if you have to, but all to find quiet time with me. I had to spend 40 days in the desert with my God, why not you? It is in these times that your heart will quicken and get to know me. Why else would I let a soul despair; in order to find me. Sometimes you don’t seek me in the right places, my child. Finding me in the Eucharist and in the sacraments is a great way to start. Please don’t let fear hold you back my friends because it is just a stumbling block to my heart and My mercy. All is well in the Kingdom because you pray. Take time to realize that this life is short, and you are striving for the next. It all will come together in perfect timing. You will see, but you must trust Me. I am trying very hard at this time to speak to your hearts. How else can I get to know you and you Me? Like at the time of the great flood I gave a warning to get to know me. Now is like that time. Come to Me now while there is time left. When in the history of our world has there been a greater time of mercy? NONE. Go and spread the good news today because there may not be time tomorrow. My peace is with you in these troubled times and I will never leave you. I will never leave you abandoned my children. Go and prepare your hearts for my coming.
Your Jesus

The Call To Holiness

July 25, 2011
What is the call I have for you my child? It is the call to holiness. Many of the saints who have gone before you have answered the call with open hearts. This is what I want for you my child. When called in such a way, one must sacrifice much, but all for a good end. The way in which we truly become holy is to deny ourselves everything. It is with deep gratitude that I thank you for embarking on this task. When one comes to me in total abandonment, there is great light to be shed.  The light shines out into the world to heal those who are hurting. Many great things can be done with this gift. I want all of my children to deny themselves and take up their crosses daily. Why wouldn’t I have mercy in store for those who do this? My love is overflowing for you and I want all of my children to come to me. As I say again, now is the time for mercy and compassion on my part. What is it time for you to do? Repent like no other time in history. When the tides flow and the sands quicken, you will know it is your time to rise. Stand up tall and stand up for Me, your Jesus, who takes away the sins of the world. When you eat My flesh and drink My blood, I am there for you in Eucharist. Tell my children that I came to take away their sins and they must trust me and be sorry. All is well now and go in peace to love and serve.
Your Jesus

Why Not Look To Me Always?

July 24, 2011
Come now in all your weariness and turn to me. For I am here, I always have been and always will be. Do not look to any other time in history where there has been more mercy. The time is coming now for a great period of peace and tranquility. But first all must look toward me and to no other gods to enter into my Kingdom. Why should you look anywhere else when my love and mercy are abounding. The greatest gift I can give you is my love and you have to accept it as a gift. It would be foolish not to accept a gift offered by your God. When there is trouble you look to me. Why not look to me always? It is never a good time to fall away from Me. Whatsoever you do to the least of my people that you do unto Me. You cannot hide from your wicked ways and think that I cannot see you. You must repent and come to me now to receive your time of peace. All is well in the kingdom and the kingdom is yours as we speak. If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts. Today is the day my children to come to Me and ask for forgiveness. Do not question it but do as I say. All will not be lost if you turn away from sin now. Thank you for listening my children and your reward will be great in heaven. Do not doubt what you least expect will happen. It is happening in my time as I have foretold it. Go in peace.

The Global Disturbances

July 22, 2011
My mercy is upon you now. Do not be downtrodden because all you have to do is repent. Many global disturbances will be coming about at this time. Many will despair and lose hope because the time is not their time but My time. Do you understand my child? The season of life, giving and loving will stop for a period of chastisement. But do not fear my heavenly followers, I will be with you. The global disturbances will include floods, tornadoes, and tsunamis. My children will run and many will run from Me. Do not be afraid because the wicked will be snatched by those they know. I will hover over the good like a cloud in the darkness. When will this happen? It is upon us now. Go now and tell others to repent while there is time. All is well with those who trust and follow Me.

A Permanent Mark Will Be Left In The Sky

July 21, 2011
I have a specific message for you today. Tell others the good news in a way that is different and that they can understand. Tell them of my love and open mercy for all those who come to their knees. Not one man, woman, child, or adolescent is excluded from my love. You who look upon the dwellings in your home, all are accountable. Never lose hope or fear for my Kingdom is coming. Prepare now in mind, body, and spirit. All of you are welcome in my Kingdom where I will be King. Strive now to do your best and be open to my teachings. Do not wait until the time is right for you. The time is now. My children flee their destiny, a path I have created for them. Who will enter my Kingdom? All who repent and are truly sorry for their sins. My children, I love you so much and time has come for my mercy to fall on those who look for it. Forget worldly missions and concentrate on mine.  Mine is one of hope, love, and treasure for the kingdom is yours now here on earth as it is in heaven. Earth is going to be changed my dear friends. It will not be cast out into the hellfire, but will be lifted up to be rebuilt. Do not look far and do not make haste for this time is coming soon. Tell the people I will come on a cloud as the Judge. A permanent mark will be left in the sky to remind them of my judgement. I come and speak to you now as in a warning. Do not fall far away from the tree. Hear my voice says the Lord. Tell the children to hear my voice as I am calling them. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.


July 20, 2011
My child, do you know what indifference means? It means not giving your whole self to me. In mysticism, time comes and goes with clarity. Do I not know every hair on your head and every atom of your body? You must give them all to me and I will act through the Divine Will. Do not fear your will because I will not let Satan touch you. He will tempt you, but bless yourself with holy water and the sign of the cross and the rosary.

You are not alone at this time and clarity will come. You must tell others to repent and not make haste because time is running short. My mission is an easy one if you stay focused on Me. You must turn your TVs off and spend much time in prayer. My sacred heart is what you need to find and cling to at this time. I gave you the gift of tongues so you could pray more perfectly. Come now and find my sheep and pull them into pasture. From now on, I will speak to you daily and write my words and spread them to all.

I leave you in peace, my peace I give you.
Jesus Christ

I Am Calling All To My Sacred Heart

July 14, 2011
I am calling all to my sacred heart. Do not be afraid that those around you aren’t listening. They are not ready to hear my call and are listening to the world. But those of you who are my friends need to help the others. All in their vainglory do not come to me and are foolish. Tell others to stop listening to TV and media and fall on their knees in front of me. There is much to suffer on the way of the cross, but it is the only way to heaven. You see my child, people are afraid of their sufferings and don’t know that it is the way to my heart. Use your suffering for souls and you will find me. Tell others not to look far but look into their heart to find me. We are living in trying times my friend, and even in more trying times for those who don’t seek me. Haven’t I always answered when you knock? My sheep listen to my voice. Stop listening to all of the other voices around you. There is no need to take time for these utterances. My words are peace and calm and the only words you seek. Read scripture and come to adoration to find me. I’m always here. Time stands still for those who wait on me. Though the burden heavy, my yoke is light. My Master has always said come to Him in the still of the night. Many faithful prayers are answered at this time. All is not lost, for each soul has a plan and purpose under my anointing. There are many good souls left waiting to share in my cup and blood. Eat my flesh and drink my blood and you will always find me waiting in the light of my presence. Be still and know that I am with you. All is well.

Time is Still Running Out

July 7, 2011
Time is still running out my friends. However, my mercy is available to those who are listening. Come to me through my sacred heart. Watch the clock in my time, not your time and listen with your heart. My heart is open to those who need me. Tell your friends and family to come to me through my sacred heart. Those who are weary and suffering, do not despair, there is always hope in me. Tell everyone that I am their one true friend that hears all. Come to me only when you are ready and open and I am always waiting. I am always waiting with open arms to fill you with my love. Do not look for worldly things to fill your needs. This won’t happen and you’ll be left discouraged. But trust in me and only me and your heart will rejoice. I am your teacher and friend who will never leave you. If only you would trust in me with all your cares and not only some, your world would be a better and more peaceful place. My words are filled with wisdom and love for you my children. One more thing, tell your family and friends not to gossip and slander for it is hurting them and me and those around them. Bring these harsh feelings to me and I will heal you. All is well.
[You are allowed to sit in quiet in wonder and awe. Take this quiet out into the world with you.]

First Message (time is running out)

June 30, 2011
My children, time is running out. You must remain quiet and turn to me in your hearts. Turn off TVs and radios and spend more time with me. Love and laugh more with each other.