Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prayers Will Help You With The Illumination

September 28, 2011
My child, listen to me now. I give you much mercy when you repent. Repentance must come from the heart as in your case. But I do wish you not to keep committing the same sins. As I have said before, fasting and prayer are the best way to much holiness. You are a people who need each other. Prayer in groups is a powerful thing. Make time for such groups as these, all the while keeping your solitude prayer life alive. Now is the time to rise up with much prayer and fasting for the time of enlightenment is at hand. Your prayers will help you with the illumination to help you to know your sins. Prayer helps you to reflect on what needs changed in your life. I don’t ask too much of you, but give me greater time in your day. You need this time with me to change your souls. Just add time with me little by little to your daily lives, and watch the change. I want to be a big part of your life. Now we need to work together to save souls. Total abandonment to me is needed so I can direct you. All is well in the kingdom when you and others pray to save souls. We need to work together day by day. Do not fear that this task is too difficult. Nothing is too difficult with me at your side. Pray hard for the conversion of sinners. Do not delay. Time is ticking away.
My blessings,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let Go Of The Control Of Your Day

September 26, 2011
I want you to write on humility. What I mean is a humble heart. So many of you try to succeed in prayer, but do not give up all of yourselves in doing so. You must become little like St. Therese, so I can increase in your lives. Please rely on Me for everything that you need and I will bring it. I first need you to let go of the control of your day, your lives. It is not in living but in dying to yourself that I can take over and when I do, my child, you will then find your true peace. It is self surrender and in order to do this you must become humble. It is not about your plans, but my plans for you. Leave it up to Me to plan your days. Consult Me with what acts you should take on a given day. I will help you. I will be there to guide you away from anxiety. Anxiety is worrying about the future. Always stay in the present with Me and you won’t have anxiety. Practice becoming meek and humble and life will become so much simpler. Take these words into your daily lives now and watch what happens. I love you.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Deny Yourself To Save Souls

September 24, 2011
Fasting is very important my child. It will lead you to goodwill. It will help you to overcome many obstacles. It will take you less time to overcome certain vices through fasting. Sometimes it is the last key that one needs to find holiness as in your case. Making simple acts to deny yourself each day is all you need to do. It is very important to practice denying yourself carnal pleasures. It brings you closer to Me and to holiness. Whether you deny yourself a cup of coffee or a meal, it all helps to purify you. It will also help you to overcome your sin. Repentance is important each day, and fasting will work together with this. When in doubt, deny yourself to save souls. Prayer and fasting are key ways to be united to Me faster. Also, holy communion and confession bring you to Me on a quicker level. Take each day one at a time, and try to find one or two ways to grow closer to Me. Fasting on a small level will be a good start. I am always here ready to work with you. Let us begin anew together.
Your Jesus

Saturday, September 24, 2011

You Do Not Have To Conquer Sin On Your Own

September 22, 2011
My love is over-pouring for you. It is a love of great hope. Hope in Me. Trust in Me. Build your confidence in Me. This is where you will find your peace. So many of you do not look to Me to find peace. It can be found nowhere else. I know that there are many stones in the way on the path to holiness, but you will get there my child. Trust Me for your security. Your life has already been entrusted to Me. Now just live for Me. You must follow Me with sincere and honest hearts. Sincerity comes from within and it is what I need from you. I do not need lofty books read or lectures learned, but sincere prayers from your hearts. Peace will come to those who are patient and wait for Me. Sometimes you many have to wait a long time but it will earn you great merit. Your rewards will be great in the end. When temptations strike, strike back. Use my name to fight the temptations. Do not be afraid for they cannot harm you. You must be secure in my help and love for you. You will overcome these obstacles in due time. But for now, trust in Me. I have overcome these temptations for you. I have conquered sin and death so you can live. You do not have to conquer sin on your own. That has become a great misconception in the world. Come to Me with your sins so I can help you. Bring them all to me. Much praise for life and love will help stop a multitude of sins. Laugh and love much and your peace will come. All is well with you and the kingdom.
Your Loving Jesus

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It Takes Time And Endurance To Find Peace

September 20, 2011
I want you to write two more words tonight - peace and endurance. You might find it hard to know that to find true peace takes much endurance of crosses and trials. It is not easy to suffer, but to suffer for me, your Jesus, brings great peace. Peace is not found in worldly things my child, but in the heavenly things. It takes time and endurance to find peace through Me my children, but it is always here waiting for you. When else can you feel that perfect peace except when resting with Me. No other time will bring you the peace than resting quietly with Me. Endurance comes into play when carrying heavy crosses. Pray for the endurance needed to suffer peacefully. It will come my children. I had to endure much suffering in order for my inner peace to come. I found it in my Father, so will you. Do not be dismayed when working toward true inner peace. It takes time to get to know Me, but quiet your hearts and you will find Me there and the peace you need. When in doubt look to my Father and rest in His love. True peace can be felt and also known by its qualities. Comfort, joy, patience, calm and love are some of these. You will get there my children. Ask for the grace to find and seek peace and endure gracefully your trials to get there. God loves you, go in peace.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Good News On Suffering

September 19, 2011
I want you to write of two words - love and patience. These are two words not used much together these days. When one is asked to suffer, there must be love and also patience to endure. Healing and My will don’t always come quickly. Don’t be hasty and think that the suffering will pass simply and quickly. It must be used in My time. I need your sufferings, my child, to accomplish many things. Mere mortals cannot always save themselves, but your suffering can be offered up as redemptive for many souls. When in question, offer up your suffering and accept it with patience and love. No evil can attack this type of suffering used for me. Be patient and loving with others as well as yourselves. You must be patient with your own sufferings in order to help others. I try you out of love and great patience is needed to endure your trials. I will be coming as a loving judge very soon. It will help purify you. I come as a just judge and await your conversion. Do not look far to call to mind your sins. They should be very apparent to you. In order to become pure, you many have to suffer much, but the rewards will be endless. Do you understand how love and patience work together to help to endure sufferings? They make them bearable with my help. When is this necessary? In all suffering, love and patience is necessary. My kingdom rejoices when I view suffering this way. No other way is profitable. Love and be patient with yourself and others, and the sufferings will turn to joy in due time. All is well in the kingdom because you choose to suffer courageously. Go and spread more good news on suffering.
Your Jesus

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Good News About Suffering

September 14, 2011
I want you to tell my precious souls to start living for Jesus. So many of you are turning away from me. I need you now more than ever. Now is the time to put all tasks aside and look to me. I need you to start praying to win many souls over for my cause. Only you can take up your cross and carry it to save souls. That is what the cross is for. An instrument of love. By sacrificing and taking up your crosses, love is winning. Love will overpower all evil. The evil one cannot battle love. For love is patient and kind, far from sin. Love is made from pure sacrifice and self denial. When in doubt, put on the armor of love. It will defeat all evils my child. I know you are struggling right now, but your love is growing immensely. It takes much love to carry a heavy cross and serve. This cross I have given you is tailor made just for you. It will produce great love from you. Do not be afraid when carrying your cross, but rather, embrace it. It is a chance for you to grow closer to me. It is a great gift. Just carry it quietly and you will never falter. Do not run from suffering because it leads to great love. Never question my reasons for it. It is so good for you. Whenever your cross seems too heavy, call out to me, your Jesus. I will carry it with you. I am carrying you on this journey and won’t let you fall. Everything else and worldly measures might fail you, but I never will. It is in times of great suffering that I can speak to your heart. Why be afraid of suffering when it can produce such great merit for you? The times you have suffered the most, you have been the closest to me. My love for you abounds in your weakness. Embrace your weaknesses which will lead you to true peace. I love you so much and will always be here for you. Go and spread the good news about suffering.
Your Jesus

Friday, September 9, 2011

Always Look At Yourself First In Reflection

Sep. 8, 2011
Our time is running short my child. When do you think it will be time for the renewal? It is now. It is a time of reflection, praise, and worship. I need those followers of mine to bow down and pray, for I need your prayers at this time. World leaders are conjuring up great evils upon mankind, and I need you to fight this with prayer. Close your eyes and see a vision of peace to come for all of mankind but this will come after great trials. When will this happen you say, after a time of great renewal. Be steadfast in your prayers knowing that I will bring this about. But for now I need you to turn away from sin. This means any and all temptation that comes your way. I will not dismiss even the smallest sins because they hurt mankind. When in doubt, deny yourself, and turn away from sin. Always look at yourself first in reflection. Know that I will always be here helping you turn away from these sins. Even the smallest inkling of temptation is one to turn away from. My Father knows how hard it is, that is why I am here for intersession. Hide yourself in my wounds and you will be safe. Many of you do not turn to me in times of temptation. I will rescue you. You must fly to me when temptation strikes and I will shield you. You must turn the other cheek, when foes cause you dismay, to reject the temptation to sin. I know this is hard my child, but it is your duty as a Christian. Temptation will strike at any given moment, so you must be secure in my love for you and come to me for strength against these vices. I am fighting for you at all times so do not despair. Rather rejoice in knowing that you are not alone in your temptations. Try to come to me when you find it hard to resist a bad habit. I will help make it easier for you. Now, go and pray and fast for the kingdom. Remember, a time of renewal is at hand for all of God’s children to come back to Him. There just needs to be time for quiet reflection and prayer. All is well my child. Go now and turn away from sin.
Your Jesus

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Light Will Be Shed On The World

Sep. 7, 2011
Speak openly to those who are listening because I am calling them by name. Now is the time to get on your knees in prayer for great mercy is upon you. No other time have I poured out my mercy so openly upon you. The good will remain good and the evil can be transformed. I need your prayers to help me find those lost in the desert. But there will be light, my child for those who seek me. All is not lost for many souls will see the light soon. Your prayers are helping my dear child. Continue to fast and pray for the kingdom is at hand. When two or more are gathered together there am I in their midst. I am here now my child for all of those who pray. When shall my kingdom unfold? It is now, my child. A new light will be shed on the world for all to see. So many will know my name because of my light, still others will choose to remain in darkness. This is their choice my child and I will not interfere. The meek will remain humble and the cowardly will reject me. I speak of a coming of light that will change so many hearts. So look to the future as a great time of peace and tranquility for the kingdom. Thank you for your prayers my child.
Your Jesus

Thursday, September 1, 2011

After The Illumination

September 1, 2011

I have a message for you about the state of souls. Many souls right now are lost my child. They need me and they feel they have no where to turn. This is not a true statement for I, their God, are with them. From now on they will see the light in a new way after the illumination. Their conscience will be brought to their attention in a new way. This will all happen at once but last a lifetime. The prayers I need from you are prayers for endurance and strength for their hearts. Seeing their conscience the way I see it will not be an easy task. It will be painful and hurt to some extent but will save many souls from final damnation. My hope is that many souls will turn away from evil ways and find me. There will be much consolation also in days to come. Do not turn a deaf ear to me for I will be present and instructing you. The day’s journey ahead may be weary but a good one. All the more to praise me. When all else fails you will look to the sky and see me there. I will be leaving a permanent sign for all to wonder and see. This will remind you of your sin but also my mercy. Take it upon yourselves to pray for the sins of the world. Someone must do it. All is never lost when dealing with my mercy. I hope and pray that you will not forget me in these times. It will be very majestic for some of you. Some will fear but for no good reason. My yoke is light and I will see to it that I make the burden light for those following me. You may not understand what I am telling you but that is OK. Just meditate on it and pray hard for the conversion of sinners. I love you so much and my love surpasses all understanding. Just feel my love and leave it at that. That is all you may be able to do at some times. But when you hear my voice take it to heart because only I can speak to you that way. Have no fear about these messages for they come with pure love. But make sure you pray over them and meditate on their meaning. Feel the peace I leave with you, the peace the world cannot give you. You know this, my child. I love you.
Love, Jesus