Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Time Is Coming

August 11, 2011

Our world is in need of change. So many of you look only to your own longings and not mine. What I fear for you is a loss of what is good and right. It is not easy to follow me, I know, but it is the only way to your salvation. So many of you in the past and today look to other gods, money, food, drink, looks, etc. These things only come to pass but I remain. A new time is coming my child when these old gods will fade away and your one God will stand alone with you. Tell others not to hold on to these other gods because they will be highly disappointed in due time. Why would one not strive to get to know their one true God? It is only a question of time to when these other gods will come to pass. Why not start trying now to get to know me? I have already made a covenant with my people that cannot be broken. There will come a sign in the sky that will hold as a new covenant with me. As everyone has left adoration, it is a perfect time to be alone with me. This is what I want you to teach to fellow souls...find quiet time with me and get to know me. It is only in doing so that we can become friends. All is well in the kingdom and there is nothing to fear. I have already come to save my people, but I still need your help to save many more. The time has come for us to come together and bring as many souls back to me as possible. These lost souls need your help to find their way back to the kingdom. Do not stop praying and fasting for it is not in vain. Every prayer lifted high to me can save a soul. Look to your great suffering now as a time to save many souls. All you have to do is offer your suffering to me and go about your daily tasks. What greater gift could you give me than your suffering so we can save a precious soul? It is not too much to ask my friends, is it? Remember again to seek quiet time with me so we can save souls together. Thank you for taking this prayer time with me again, for it has been a few days since we talked. You must do this on a daily basis if not hourly, if need be. Rejoice for all is well in the kingdom and I look forward to seeing your progress. Your reward will be great in heaven my friend for saying yes to becoming a victim soul. Go in peace to love and serve your Lord.

Jesus Christ,
Your Friend

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