Monday, August 29, 2011

A Cross Is A Blessing

August 25, 2011
My child, hear my voice when I call you. Now is the time to turn away from sin and look toward me. The time has come for you to put away your bad habits. These can be as slight as a mean word or as great as a heavy cross. I need you to come to me and lay your burdens down. This will make them much easier to handle. It is time for my children to take up their crosses and to pray for endurance while suffering. Is that too much for me to ask my child? I think not. So much glory can be brought to my Father by taking up your cross. It is very hard at times my child, I know this, but it is all worth it. You remain in me and I in you. Always remember this. You are never alone to suffer your crosses. Never. The time has come for all to take up their crosses, small or big, whatever they may be. In time you will see the way of the cross. It is a beautiful way. It is carved out of love. Love has no boundaries and there will always be enough love for you to take up your sufferings. Love is God and God is love. He has enough for all and will never let you go. I had to take up my cross at Calvary, but God never let me go. He is always there holding us if we fall. Remember that. So no suffering can ever be too much for us to handle with God my Father. Do you understand this great truth? It is fitting at a time like this with so much suffering in the world. Is it not? Your great crosses will be your great rewards. Count up your crosses and throw them at God’s hands because he can take them for you. It takes great surrender to divine providence to give up your cross. You will still merit from your cross but God will help you carry part of it. Isn’t this a great truth to know my child? You ask why is it so hard to believe? Because you don’t trust your Father God enough. He asks you to give him your cares and your worries and he will make them light. You must believe this. A cross is a blessing. It can save so many souls and your own. We need you to take up your crosses for greater reward. All is well in the kingdom when you take up your cross. Come and follow me and I will give you rest.
Your Lord,
Jesus Christ
P.S. Holy are they who seek the kingdom of God.

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