Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Time Of Renewal And Hope

July 31, 2011
I want you to ask yourselves what is this time we speak of? It is a time of renewal and hope in the Lord. No other time in history have I been so present to my people in Eucharist. This is the key in coming to know me. I am very present to you in the tabernacle, but you must spend time with Me. So many saints have come before you finding their way to me through the Eucharist. I know my sheep and they will follow me. You will hear my voice if you listen. This is a calling forth for my apostles to rise now and stand together. Do you understand this message? It is simple. Come to know me and follow me. I give you many ways to do this and coming to Eucharist is most simple. I have given you this gift many years ago and am renewing it in your lives. It is a call to trust in Me and put your armor on. The deceiver will pull you away with so many distractions. You must fight your way through this with me as your armor. I will never abandon you my children and will always be here when you need me. Call upon me often and I will be there. Look not to other gods but only find strength in Me. All is well with the kingdom because you follow Me. I am the only Way, the Truth and the Light. Find me. I promised I would leave you peace and this I will do. Go now and spread the good news.
Your Jesus

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