Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hope Does Not Always Come Easy

November 22, 2011
I want you to write a message about hope and the prayer life. Hope does not always come easy my child but it is quite a virtue. Hope can come at anytime day or night and sustain you. Sincere fasting and prayer can increase your hope. Hope will lead you to eternal life. When contemplating hope, think about trust. Trust will lead you to hope. Hope in all good things. It will never disappoint you. My hope on earth is what kept me going. I hoped in my Father’s will and love for me. An ounce of hope will beat all despair. When praying for hope, know it may come gradually. Hope in the valley of your darkest fears. It will get you out. It will help you to rise above the darkness. You will fear no evil. Advancement in hope may come with age. So know that your hope can always increase. This should give you much hope in itself. Hope is light and can heal a weary soul. And when you hope in me, I will never let you down. It is not possible. Trust in me with all of your hopes and fears and I will give you rest. You must believe in my words for they are not in vain. Hope in me with all of your body, mind, and soul. Blind faith requires hope in the Lord. This is what carried many of the saints. You cannot hope in this life. It will let you down. Hope in the next because it is a given. Hope in the fact that my love will never let you go. You are safe with me. Safe for eternity. Practice your hope in me and your faith will grow. I love you.
Love, Jesus

Monday, November 21, 2011

What Runs The Universe

November 17, 2011
Speak to the world of my great love. It is all knowing and all powerful. It can heal a multitude of sins. It can bless you in many ways. Showing love to others is giving them Jesus. It is a great gift. Blessed are you who seek out others and show them love. Especially your enemies. Love is granted when you least expect it sometimes. Suffering is a great way that love is brought forth. Suffering out of love is the greatest gift. Small acts of love is what is needed for the kingdom to grow. Loving your neighbor should always come first when trying to sacrifice. All things grow out of great love. Love for neighbor, God, and self. Many things will flow from this great love - prayer, hope, faith, charity an a caring heart. Charity for others brings Jesus to them. God created everything from love. It is what runs the universe. We need more of it today to fight evil. Evil will not win against love. It cannot touch love. Love and suffering work together to produce great fruits. Fruits that will last a lifetime. Remember this my children when you are suffering. Bring love for others into the picture and the suffering will yield a great harvest. Love is greater than any evil known to mankind. Use it to win the war. The love you have for your family and friends can defeat great evils. Use it my child. Fight in the name of love, a love that Jesus had for you on the cross. When you love until it hurts you know it is right. God bless you and your loved ones.
Your Jesus

Friday, November 11, 2011

Trust Beyond Your Own Measure

November 10, 2011
Please come to me all who labor and I will give you rest. You must believe this my children. So few of you are really trusting in me today. This really hurts me. When in doubt, trust and rely on me for everything. I will fulfill your needs. You must not look to worldly things for what only heaven can give. Do you understand this? Call on me and I will answer. Fear not the ways of the wicked for they cannot hurt my chosen children. This must bring you great peace. Another way to trust me is to rely on me in each daily task. I will help you with your work if you let me. It is hard on your own, but not with me by your side. Cherish our time together. I certainly do. I want to provide my children with what they need, but please lean on me. What else can I say but pray and trust fervently. Trust beyond your own measure. This will bring you much faith and much peace. I know it can be hard sometimes, but if you find quiet time with me, you can begin to trust more. I am the Alpha and the Omega. The One who is and who is to come. Do not look for me anywhere but your heart. I am there. I will pull on your heart strings and you will know it is I. Trust is an issue that many of you struggle with. I am here to help you. Make simple acts of faith everyday and your trust will grow. Trust now that I am speaking to you. Do not doubt this. I am with you now in adoration. Start practicing trusting more and great things will begin to happen.
Your Jesus

Friday, November 4, 2011

Die To Yourself Daily

November 3, 2011
My peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. You must believe that you can have this peace on earth. But it won’t come from earthly things. Accepting all that God gives you on a daily basis will bring you true peace. You must accept God’s will completely in all trials and sufferings. God knows what is best, not us. The more acceptance you have of your condition, the more peace it will bring. Love God in all things and he will bring you peace. Do not try to find peace in earthly things. This will not happen my children. Call on me to bring you the peace you need. Strive for peace. It is what I want for you my child. Not anxiety and distress. I did not create you this way. Sin has made way to anxiety and stress. Peace is a gift from me that I want you to have. You can find great peace in suffering when suffering with me. It is the simple treasures as these where you will find your peace. Think not of your own suffering, but try to help others. This will bring great peace. Die to yourself daily and forget yourselves. Great peace will come to those who practice this. I did not walk the earth trying to help myself, but I searched to help others. This is what you must do as a mother, wife, and friend. Let this sink into your heart. Do not care much for your own well-being. Care for others and you will be taken care of. Trust me greatly in times of distress and don’t follow your emotions but follow your heart. Always ask, what would Jesus do, and you will find an answer. My peace is for you if you follow these simple steps. I love you.
Peace be with you,