Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chastisements Are Not To Be Feared

November 15, 2012
The upcoming chastisements are not to be feared but will be good for all nations. Anything made beautiful must first be purified. I did this with Adam and Eve and I will do it again. Your job is to fast and pray for the souls that are so lost that they will never find their way during the chastisements. Others will see it as a time to become closer to me. I will be so grateful for these souls. You, my chosen children, will be my rock against attacks from the enemy. He will see your strong faith at these times and flee. Why do you think he attacks such good souls at this time? He knows you will be my rock. He is afraid of you. Stand firm in your commitments to me and the chastisements will be lessened. Know I am your God now and forever. A strong friend. A reliable companion. When in doubt look to the heavens and those who have gone before you. They are at perfect peace now. This is what you strive for, is it not? Do not follow the crowd, but follow me. I will not lead you astray. You are my sheep. Come follow me with contrite hearts. Fight the good fight. We will win.

Your Father in heaven

Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Can Restore Religious Freedoms

November 8, 2012
I want you to write about strict religious rights and how we must fast and pray to restore these in America. All is not lost with this past election. I am very saddened by America’s choice, however, we can restore religious freedoms. This can happen with your continued prayers and awareness of the issues. Why can’t we work together to overturn these mandates? It is like a worker and his handyman finishing a project. Much turmoil may transpire first but I will put an end to it with my hand. My mother will have a big part in this. However, I need your help to bring it to fruition. When in doubt, look to my mother and see how she crushes satan with humility and restraint. It will happen for us my child, but the sinners will be punished for their deeds. Do not fear if you are my child. My holy sword will protect you. Do not look to other gods for guidance, but only to me. Your faith will set you free and cast out many demons. I love you my children.

Love, Jesus

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The United States Needs Your Prayers

November 1, 2012

Tell others to love themselves as I do. Please take care of your bodies as they are a tabernacle for me to reign. Do not deny yourselves always, but do fast and pray and eat with consideration of the healthiest foods. Do not indulge yourselves in much food and drink but fast and pray as much as possible. The United States needs your prayers so much at this time. It is not to be taken lightly. Rather, know who your leaders are as they may lead you astray. Do not follow anyone’s teachings unless your heart says they are my followers. The more you turn from sin, the more you will discern these issues and temptations. Start first by not sinning against yourself and your own bodies. I do allow your bodies to decay over time and much suffering does come to your own body. But please try not to bring this on yourselves. Live simple and pray often as this is what I wish for you. The time is now to fast and pray for sinners. Go in peace my child for my Kingdom is at hand.

Your Jesus