Thursday, April 3, 2014

Love Being Brought To Earth

March 27, 2014
Write about my Immaculate Heart and the love I am showering down to all. Now is the time to grab these graces and take them to heart.  As Russia is converting, many changes will now take place. Mary will be a big instrument in my love being brought to Earth. It is becoming a dark world and many chastisements will come. Pray to my mother to avert many disasters. Her heart is full of love and grace to give. She asks me first where I will send my graces, then she is there. When will you see her immaculate role in the world? I am giving her reign over the devil on earth. She will help you repel him. Call on my mother in an attack. Do not back down. Her grace will call you to her motherly arms. Go there and find peace. I love you.
Your Jesus

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Your Body Is To Be As A Temple

February 20, 2014
I need the world to know that my love is for them and they need to be chaste. I mean this for singles as well as in marriages. Sexual relations are being used as perversions. This is directly from the evil one. I did not create sexual relations this way. It is meant for the intent of the married couple to procreate and that only. I did not give you the luxury to use your sexuality freely. Be sure that it is I that instruct you on this. It is one of the biggest travesties I am seeing in your world today. Your body is to be as a temple for the Holy Spirit, my children. You cannot let the devil use you in this way. You are truly loved and do not need to degrade yourselves in these unholy manners. Please start to make a change today. The world needs it. It is adding to the culture of death this unpurity. Pray about this before entering into unholy relations. I will be there to help you.

Your Jesus

Friday, February 7, 2014

My New Kingdom Will Come

February 6, 2014
Speak to my children about my unending compassion and love. I have left this to the world through the Eucharist. Many are not taking advantage of this gift. Know that it is I who is truly there and present to you. Why are you forgetting this sacrament? It was given to many of you at an early age and I am very compassionate to be available to you at many times. I love you and miss many of you who have not been to this sacrament for many years. Please come back. I will accept you with open arms. You can make a good confession and come right to me. I am here. Pray about it today. Do not waste anymore time. Time is growing short until my new kingdom will come. Will you stop now and follow me? Today is the day. I await your presence.

Your Jesus

Saturday, January 18, 2014

There Is No Need To Worry

January 9, 2014
Be still and know that I am here with you. So many of you are not hearing my words. Why do you turn a deaf ear? I have not given you the spirit of complacency. I give you the spirit to move and be in my presence. It is a hard road for many of you I know. But I can make it easier. Slow down and turn to me. Just stop many times in your day and make the sign of the cross. I will fly to your aid. I could never abandon you my children. Why would I abandon a child? I never will. Even if you only have one ounce of spirit to give me, I’m there. So rest assured there is no need to worry. Be joyful in my presence. I call to you now to go out and speak my words. Even to the least of these, I bring peace. Knock on my door and I am there. I am waiting patiently for your call. Go now and spread these words to others. They need to heed the call. They need to come to me now while there is time.
Your Jesus
-Read Isaiah 49 to know who you are in Christ.

-Proverbs 1:33

Friday, December 27, 2013

Strength In These Dark Times

December 13, 2013
You are my light as you are here with me. I want you to tell others to be my light in the darkness. Few are following me now. Few care. I am so hurt that no one will suffer with me. Yes, the world is full of suffering, but if you bring it to me, I will bring you into the light. The light of Christ shines so brightly and I want you to join me. I will give you strength in these dark times. Are you willing to suffer for me and with me? It is your gate to heaven my children. I rose to bring you new life in me. We are united so you are never alone in suffering. Rejoice for I am with you. Share this good news with others. I am bringing you the kingdom to share in. It is promised to you so have no fear. You can rise up strong when you enter into my light. Be sure of this and know my truth. Whatsoever is beautiful and lovely there am I in the midst. All things are possible with me. All is well for you my children. For I am here.

Your Jesus

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Trust With A Fire In Your Soul

November 21, 2013
My child, I seek you out to console you. It is not your fault you feel this. It is the sin of the world. But please know I am here. I am present now and forever. Rest now in me for I am your Father who created you with love. If you know this, your suffering will diminish. Trust with a fire in your soul. We are in this together. Please surrender to me. You will be healed with the fire of my love. A torch is lit in you free of worry. Please take it now. Hold on and don’t let go. It will be over faster for you if you surrender fully to me and my precepts. I have never abandoned you before. I won’t now. Come to me daughter. I love you. Please show me your trust. All is going to be well with trust. I, your God, have spoken.
My love to you,

Friday, December 20, 2013

True Faith Will Lead You Home

November 6, 2013
For the glory of God is at hand. Be at peace with your soul. You cannot divide your souls from me. Look not to wicked ways to find your pleasure. Please know that I am always with you. Nurturing you as a mother does her baby. Why are you so conflicted? There is only one answer. Turn away from your wicked ways and follow me. For I am your God, alone you will find rest in me. Do not rely on yourselves in this battle for your souls. Trust that I have the upper hand. I am always willing to guide you in your willingness to follow me. Whether or not you are ready to follow, I will be leading. For the just I am here but also for the unjust. Trust in my heart that I know the best plans for you my child. Knock on the door of my heart. I will answer but you must listen. Do not turn a deaf ear to me. Deny yourselves of the worldly pleasures, please. They are not leading you anywhere. This is your home in heaven with me. You will feel abandoned at times on this earth. Yes it is a struggle. But true faith will lead you home. Trust in your Lord and all will be well with you. Have faith! You won’t be abandoned.

Your Jesus

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Kiss For Your Weakness

Oct 3, 2013
I want to speak to you about poverty in love. I say this to mean the weakest of heart and lowly is where I reign. I do not need a great temple, just your humble hearts. Weakness is a gift to me. It shows that there is room for me to grow in you. I am always here waiting for a place in your heart. I can mend the weak spots. Do not be afraid of this weakness, rather embrace it. My mercy flows abundantly to those who share their weakness with me. Do not hide it from me. I look at it as beautiful. I look at it as a father looking upon their hurt child. Of course I want to console you in your weakness, but you must bring it to me. Again, do not be afraid of this phenomenon. You were created in my image but sin has weakened that. You are still a child of God no matter what. I am here for you to grow in knowledge of me. Be my witness to those around you of my abounding mercy. It will never fail. I leave you with a kiss for your weakness. I love you for trying to perfect these through me. Thank you for coming to my side.
Your Jesus

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Little Time Left To Make A Change

July 24, 2013

Proverbs 1:6-8
6 To comprehend proverb and byword,
the words of the wise and their riddles.
7 Fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge;
fools despise wisdom and discipline.
8 Hear, my son, your father’s instruction,
and reject not your mother’s teaching;

This passage contains insight into why my children are not following my Father. They cannot understand His words for they are too prideful with their own knowledge. My Father has given you the knowledge you seek but you must seek it in great fear and humility. It is a fear of honor for your creator. He is your father and can incur right judgement for you. No one is respecting my Father. Why do you seek many gifts from Him without respect? I say to you now unless you humble yourselves like little children you will not enter my kingdom. Please hear these words. I am speaking them with little time left to make a change. You can change your ways by the little efforts of each day. Humble yourself by fasting for one meal. Maybe you can deny yourself and call a neighbor to see if they need your help. It is all in giving of yourself. I cannot teach this to you, per say, but you can practice denying yourself daily. It is the only way my child. One only hears the true wisdom of God when he littles himself. I am proud of you to make an effort as this. Start small and your efforts will grow by leaps and bounds. It will not continue to be as hard for you to give of yourself. My God knows and hears your pleas. He hears your cries for a better world. Teach others this wisdom.
Peace and Love,
Your Jesus

Friday, July 19, 2013

Please Come And Be Healed

June 13, 2013
I see wonder in the world arising in my people in my presence. The time has come to truly venerate me each time you receive me in Eucharist. Your brother Catholics must come to realize this true presence. It is not a joke but a true realization. Why would I have taught so many before you of the true presence? Please start to take into consideration the neglect I feel when others in your midst do not take me in Eucharist seriously. I need you and others to witness of the true power I bring in this sacrament. My heart is so broken when I am open for you to visit me in Eucharist, and many just ignore me. I am your brother who will lead you to my Father. Be aware of this. Do not lose heart that I won’t heal your wounds. Come to me in Eucharist and I will. My love is pouring out for a world in need of healing. Please come and be healed. You can be healed of all ailments if you take up your cross and follow me. All is well in the kingdom. Please spread my words. I love you.
Love, Jesus

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Eucharist As Your Spiritual Food

June 6, 2013
If you ponder these things in your heart which you don’t understand, you will find answers. I reside in your hearts. Not your mind but your deepest parts of your spirit and heart. Eucharist is the best way that I can reach you. You must pray and fast before communion so you are pure to receive me. Many healings will take place in your heart if it is pure and clean. I can’t reside in a dirty place. I can not touch you or change an unclean heart. Confession will cure all of you of these ailments. You are all becoming spiritually sick because you are not relying on Eucharist as your spiritual food. There are many monks in the world now who almost solely rely on Eucharist as their food. Faith can bring about this miracle for you. It is a mystery to understand, but I have instilled a yearning in your heart that you must listen to. Do not rely on your physical yearnings. Deny these by all means. They will lead you astray from the true miracle of Eucharist. Start this day preparing for the next time you receive me. You will notice a difference upon your reception. Love always.
Your Jesus

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Conviction And New Hope

April 25, 2013
My child, please write of the peace and joy of the coming kingdom. You will not always be alone in the sorrows of this time. I will come with new conviction and new hope. Rest assured that I am with you now until the end of the ages. Be still and know that your God is here. Slow to anger, abiding in mercy. Yes, it is I who is abiding in you. The wisdom you hear in your heart is me. No other fruit this beautiful can fill your heart. Be at peace with my wishes. It is you I have sought out for these messages. They rest in your heart and are transported to the heart of others. Your suffering is united to mine. Let the world know I am coming to grant peace to my chosen followers. My love cannot be contained. Let my love flow freely through yourself to others. This is what my coming kingdom is. A free flowing fountain of love. My love is everlasting and sufficient for you now and always. My love never dies. Grasp this in your daily lives and you will live better and more peacefully. You have the choice now my children. It is your free will. Choose me.
Your Father in Heaven