Sunday, July 14, 2013

Eucharist As Your Spiritual Food

June 6, 2013
If you ponder these things in your heart which you don’t understand, you will find answers. I reside in your hearts. Not your mind but your deepest parts of your spirit and heart. Eucharist is the best way that I can reach you. You must pray and fast before communion so you are pure to receive me. Many healings will take place in your heart if it is pure and clean. I can’t reside in a dirty place. I can not touch you or change an unclean heart. Confession will cure all of you of these ailments. You are all becoming spiritually sick because you are not relying on Eucharist as your spiritual food. There are many monks in the world now who almost solely rely on Eucharist as their food. Faith can bring about this miracle for you. It is a mystery to understand, but I have instilled a yearning in your heart that you must listen to. Do not rely on your physical yearnings. Deny these by all means. They will lead you astray from the true miracle of Eucharist. Start this day preparing for the next time you receive me. You will notice a difference upon your reception. Love always.
Your Jesus

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