Friday, July 19, 2013

Please Come And Be Healed

June 13, 2013
I see wonder in the world arising in my people in my presence. The time has come to truly venerate me each time you receive me in Eucharist. Your brother Catholics must come to realize this true presence. It is not a joke but a true realization. Why would I have taught so many before you of the true presence? Please start to take into consideration the neglect I feel when others in your midst do not take me in Eucharist seriously. I need you and others to witness of the true power I bring in this sacrament. My heart is so broken when I am open for you to visit me in Eucharist, and many just ignore me. I am your brother who will lead you to my Father. Be aware of this. Do not lose heart that I won’t heal your wounds. Come to me in Eucharist and I will. My love is pouring out for a world in need of healing. Please come and be healed. You can be healed of all ailments if you take up your cross and follow me. All is well in the kingdom. Please spread my words. I love you.
Love, Jesus

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