Summary of Messages

The Illumination / Warning
  • I will come on a cloud as the Judge.  (7/21/11)
  • A permanent mark will be left in the sky to remind them of my judgement. I come and speak to you now as in a warning.  (7/21/11)
  • They need to hear the message of the upcoming illumination to come together. (7/29/11)
  • I have already made a covenant with my people that cannot be broken. There will come a sign in the sky that will hold as a new covenant with me. (8/11/11)
  • From now on they will see the light in a new way after the illumination. (9/1/11)
  • Their conscience will be brought to their attention in a new way.  (9/1/11)
  • This [Illumination] will all happen at once but last a lifetime. (9/1/11)
  • Seeing their conscience the way I see it will not be an easy task. It will be painful and hurt to some extent but will save many souls from final damnation.  (9/1/11)
  • When all else fails you will look to the sky and see me there. (9/1/11)
  • I will be leaving a permanent sign for all to wonder and see. This will remind you of your sin but also my mercy. (9/1/11)
  • It will be very majestic for some of you. Some will fear but for no good reason. (9/1/11)
  • A new light will be shed on the world for all to see. So many will know my name because of my light, still others will choose to remain in darkness. This is their choice my child and I will not interfere. The meek will remain humble and the cowardly will reject me. I speak of a coming of light that will change so many hearts. (9/7/11)
  • I will be coming as a loving judge very soon. It will help purify you. I come as a just judge and await your conversion. Do not look far to call to mind your sins. (9/19/11)
  • Your prayers will help you with the illumination to help you to know your sins. (9/28/11)
  • Great peace will come to all with the illumination. You will feel My love in a new way. My mercy will pour out over the whole world and you will feel peace.  (10/6/11)
  • Time is now running out before the illumination. (10/11/11)

Why This Website Exists
  • Jesus, “My children, time is running out.” (6/30/11)
  • Your Father, “Go now my child and spread these messages. I need you.” (8/24/11)
  • Jesus, “Go now and spread my messages to those who need to hear.” (8/3/11)
  • Jesus, “Go now and spread the good news.” (7/31/11)

Prayer / Fasting / Quiet Time
  • You must turn your TVs off and spend much time in prayer. (7/20/11)
  • I do have a plan for every holy soul and it is easy to follow with much fasting and prayer.  (8/3/11)
  • The way to trust more easily is through fasting and prayer. Not just fasting from food but wine, spirits, addictions, etc. You must become chaste and pure to trust me better. (8/6/11)
  • Remember again to seek quiet time with me so we can save souls together. (8/11/11)
  • I cannot be found when TV’s are on or much commotion is taking place. You have to search for the quiet time in order to hear me. (8/21/11)
  • Look no further than your heart and you will find me there, but you have to deny yourself to find me. Much fasting and prayer is needed in this time of renewal. (8/29/11)
  • Pray and fast hard like never before for the conversion of sinners. (8/29/11)
  • Continue to fast and pray for the kingdom is at hand. (9/7/11)
  • Now, go and pray and fast for the kingdom. Remember, a time of renewal is at hand for all of God’s children to come back to Him. There just needs to be time for quiet reflection and prayer. (9/8/11)
  • Be vigilant in your fasting and praying for sinners. Offer up every little suffering to me for sin. (10/11/11)

Suffering / Cross
  • There is much to suffer on the way of the cross, but it is the only way to heaven. You see my child, people are afraid of their sufferings and don’t know that it is the way to my heart. Use your suffering for souls and you will find me. (7/14/11)
  • Some of you may say, “but my burden is too heavy.” It is never too heavy for you to carry with me. Look to no other gods but myself to help you carry your crosses. Some light, some heavy, but all for your greater good. These trials of this life in turn produce the virtues you need to come away with me to the next life. (8/2/11)
  • Look to your great suffering now as a time to save many souls. All you have to do is offer your suffering to me and go about your daily tasks. What greater gift could you give me than your suffering so we can save a precious soul? It is not too much to ask my friends, is it? (8/11/11)
  • It is time for my children to take up their crosses and to pray for endurance while suffering. Is that too much for me to ask my child? I think not. So much glory can be brought to my Father by taking up your cross. (8/25/11)
  • In time you will see the way of the cross. It is a beautiful way. It is carved out of love. Love has no boundaries and there will always be enough love for you to take up your sufferings. Love is God and God is love. (8/25/11)
  • I had to take up my cross at Calvary, but God never let me go. He is always there holding us if we fall. Remember that. So no suffering can ever be too much for us to handle with God my Father. (8/25/11)
  • Your great crosses will be your great rewards. Count up your crosses and throw them at God’s hands because he can take them for you. It takes great surrender to divine providence to give up your cross. You will still merit from your cross but God will help you carry part of it. Isn’t this a great truth to know my child? (8/25/11)
  • A cross is a blessing. It can save so many souls and your own. We need you to take up your crosses for greater reward. (8/25/11)
  • Only you can take up your cross and carry it to save souls. That is what the cross is for. An instrument of love. By sacrificing and taking up your crosses, love is winning. Love will overpower all evil. The evil one cannot battle love. For love is patient and kind, far from sin. Love is made from pure sacrifice and self denial. When in doubt, put on the armor of love. It will defeat all evils my child. (9/14/11)
  • Do not be afraid when carrying your cross, but rather, embrace it. It is a chance for you to grow closer to me. It is a great gift. Just carry it quietly and you will never falter.
  • Do not run from suffering because it leads to great love. Never question my reasons for it. It is so good for you. Whenever your cross seems too heavy, call out to me, your Jesus. I will carry it with you. (9/14/11)
  • It is in times of great suffering that I can speak to your heart. Why be afraid of suffering when it can produce such great merit for you? The times you have suffered the most, you have been the closest to me. My love for you abounds in your weakness. Embrace your weaknesses which will lead you to true peace. I love you so much and will always be here for you. Go and spread the good news about suffering. (9/14/11)
  • Don’t be hasty and think that the suffering will pass simply and quickly. It must be used in My time. I need your sufferings, my child, to accomplish many things. Mere mortals cannot always save themselves, but your suffering can be offered up as redemptive for many souls. (9/19/11)
  • It is not easy to suffer, but to suffer for me, your Jesus, brings great peace. Peace is not found in worldly things my child, but in the heavenly things. (9/20/11)
  • My children, look not far from yourselves when praying for sinners. Use your sufferings to save your own souls as well. (10/11/11)

Mercy / Repentance / Conversion
  • You must tell others to repent and not make haste because time is running short. (7/20/11)
  • As I say again, now is the time for mercy and compassion on my part. What is it time for you to do? Repent like no other time in history. (7/25/11)
  • Like at the time of the great flood I gave a warning to get to know me. Now is like that time. Come to Me now while there is time left. When in the history of our world has there been a greater time of mercy? NONE. Go and spread the good news today because there may not be time tomorrow.  (7/28/11)
  • My messages contain love, peace, mercy, and hope for those who repent. Repentance is key in this time of disturbance. (7/29/11)
  • Open your hearts now for now is the time of great mercy. No other time have I been this present to you. It is a gift that I give in my mercy. Look not far to find it, because it is present when you truly repent. Repentance is the way to my heart and mercy. Come now and truly follow me because I am here for you. Do not be afraid of times to come but rather see them as a time of true grace for my people.  (8/21/11)
  • Today is a day to lift your eyes to me and pray for the conversion of the world. In due time, all of this will come to pass and true peace will reign. (10/11/11)