Saturday, March 23, 2013

Build Up a Community in Christ

March 22, 2013
Write about the compassion needed for others in the world right now. We are at a time of great division. Some are coming closer to me, and other are falling so far away. I need you to pray for those that are slipping away and bring Christ to them. They will see Christ in you. They will see how you have joy on your faces even though you are suffering because you are suffering for me and with me. So many of my friends need your help to come closer to me. They may be suffering tremendously and just need a loving hand or warm embrace. I am in their hearts and they need to know how to find me. Please, if you know anyone suffering mentally, spiritually, emotionally, go to them. Bring Christ to them. I need your helping hands in the world. People are crying out to me but can’t find me. Sometimes they need a compassionate friend to lean on. I leaned on my family and friends so much in my earthly life. You were meant to build up a community in Christ. Go spread the gospel and look to those in need.
Your Jesus

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My New Pope

March 14, 2013
I want you to write that I am very proud of the world for praying so fervently for my new pope. He is a man of great humility, charm, integrity, and grace. He is my mother’s chosen friend. He has been picked for the ages. He has suffered much and understands the meaning of suffering and sacrifice in today’s world. He will lead you to a new catechism and worship of me. I adore and bless him. Follow his example my children. Do not disregard his messages. Take them all to heart for the good of my people. Many people will repent from the messages of my pope. He knew this was to become of him. He is my true follower. Yes, evil surrounds but will not prevail. Be faithful and vigilant in your prayers. Be willing to suffer for me. Do not be afraid. You will not succumb to the temptations if you follow me but you have to believe. All is well for my kingdom.

God Bless,
Your Jesus

The Worldly Things Distracting You

March 7, 2013
Tell others to dwell in my house and believe and trust in me more than ever. I promise I will never let you go because you are my chosen children. Chosen to suffer willingly for me. It is a time on earth for much suffering for Christians. Yes, I know that you feel in exile because there is so much evil surrounding you. If you feel this way do not be afraid. I tell you now that your true home is with me and you will not feel true peace until you get here and remain with me. However, I am available to you always on earth through adoration. I adore it when you come to me this way. You must quiet your hearts and ask me to come. Do not think it will be easy to hear me with all of the worldly things distracting you. You must make a concrete effort to make time for me. I will come. I love all of you and will never let you go astray if you stay close to my heart. Thank you for being willing and open to suffer for me. You are my friends.

Go in peace & kindness,
Your Jesus

Do Not Be Afraid Of Your Own Free Will

Feb 14, 2013
Thank you for coming to see me in quiet. Your coming to adoration is such a gift to me. Do not be afraid of your own free will. It is my gift to you. When you love me as much as your do, you will not try to harm yourself intentionally. Tell others of your struggle that proves your complete trust and faith in God. The devil is trying to harass you immensely. Do not let this be. I am fighting with you and we will always win. When you invoke Mary and the angels and saints at your side, you don’t lose. Suffer for me and you will find peace once again in this. You must step outside of your own thoughts and feelings to find my will. You do this most of the time. Let me carry you. Do not try to carry yourself at dark times. Let go. Jump into my arms. I’ll catch you. You won’t fall. I promise. Leave tonight with these words in your mind. Remember, I will catch you.

Your Jesus