Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Worldly Things Distracting You

March 7, 2013
Tell others to dwell in my house and believe and trust in me more than ever. I promise I will never let you go because you are my chosen children. Chosen to suffer willingly for me. It is a time on earth for much suffering for Christians. Yes, I know that you feel in exile because there is so much evil surrounding you. If you feel this way do not be afraid. I tell you now that your true home is with me and you will not feel true peace until you get here and remain with me. However, I am available to you always on earth through adoration. I adore it when you come to me this way. You must quiet your hearts and ask me to come. Do not think it will be easy to hear me with all of the worldly things distracting you. You must make a concrete effort to make time for me. I will come. I love all of you and will never let you go astray if you stay close to my heart. Thank you for being willing and open to suffer for me. You are my friends.

Go in peace & kindness,
Your Jesus

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