Saturday, March 23, 2013

Build Up a Community in Christ

March 22, 2013
Write about the compassion needed for others in the world right now. We are at a time of great division. Some are coming closer to me, and other are falling so far away. I need you to pray for those that are slipping away and bring Christ to them. They will see Christ in you. They will see how you have joy on your faces even though you are suffering because you are suffering for me and with me. So many of my friends need your help to come closer to me. They may be suffering tremendously and just need a loving hand or warm embrace. I am in their hearts and they need to know how to find me. Please, if you know anyone suffering mentally, spiritually, emotionally, go to them. Bring Christ to them. I need your helping hands in the world. People are crying out to me but can’t find me. Sometimes they need a compassionate friend to lean on. I leaned on my family and friends so much in my earthly life. You were meant to build up a community in Christ. Go spread the gospel and look to those in need.
Your Jesus

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