Friday, December 20, 2013

True Faith Will Lead You Home

November 6, 2013
For the glory of God is at hand. Be at peace with your soul. You cannot divide your souls from me. Look not to wicked ways to find your pleasure. Please know that I am always with you. Nurturing you as a mother does her baby. Why are you so conflicted? There is only one answer. Turn away from your wicked ways and follow me. For I am your God, alone you will find rest in me. Do not rely on yourselves in this battle for your souls. Trust that I have the upper hand. I am always willing to guide you in your willingness to follow me. Whether or not you are ready to follow, I will be leading. For the just I am here but also for the unjust. Trust in my heart that I know the best plans for you my child. Knock on the door of my heart. I will answer but you must listen. Do not turn a deaf ear to me. Deny yourselves of the worldly pleasures, please. They are not leading you anywhere. This is your home in heaven with me. You will feel abandoned at times on this earth. Yes it is a struggle. But true faith will lead you home. Trust in your Lord and all will be well with you. Have faith! You won’t be abandoned.

Your Jesus

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