Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Kiss For Your Weakness

Oct 3, 2013
I want to speak to you about poverty in love. I say this to mean the weakest of heart and lowly is where I reign. I do not need a great temple, just your humble hearts. Weakness is a gift to me. It shows that there is room for me to grow in you. I am always here waiting for a place in your heart. I can mend the weak spots. Do not be afraid of this weakness, rather embrace it. My mercy flows abundantly to those who share their weakness with me. Do not hide it from me. I look at it as beautiful. I look at it as a father looking upon their hurt child. Of course I want to console you in your weakness, but you must bring it to me. Again, do not be afraid of this phenomenon. You were created in my image but sin has weakened that. You are still a child of God no matter what. I am here for you to grow in knowledge of me. Be my witness to those around you of my abounding mercy. It will never fail. I leave you with a kiss for your weakness. I love you for trying to perfect these through me. Thank you for coming to my side.
Your Jesus

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