Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Trust With A Fire In Your Soul

November 21, 2013
My child, I seek you out to console you. It is not your fault you feel this. It is the sin of the world. But please know I am here. I am present now and forever. Rest now in me for I am your Father who created you with love. If you know this, your suffering will diminish. Trust with a fire in your soul. We are in this together. Please surrender to me. You will be healed with the fire of my love. A torch is lit in you free of worry. Please take it now. Hold on and don’t let go. It will be over faster for you if you surrender fully to me and my precepts. I have never abandoned you before. I won’t now. Come to me daughter. I love you. Please show me your trust. All is going to be well with trust. I, your God, have spoken.
My love to you,

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