Saturday, January 18, 2014

There Is No Need To Worry

January 9, 2014
Be still and know that I am here with you. So many of you are not hearing my words. Why do you turn a deaf ear? I have not given you the spirit of complacency. I give you the spirit to move and be in my presence. It is a hard road for many of you I know. But I can make it easier. Slow down and turn to me. Just stop many times in your day and make the sign of the cross. I will fly to your aid. I could never abandon you my children. Why would I abandon a child? I never will. Even if you only have one ounce of spirit to give me, I’m there. So rest assured there is no need to worry. Be joyful in my presence. I call to you now to go out and speak my words. Even to the least of these, I bring peace. Knock on my door and I am there. I am waiting patiently for your call. Go now and spread these words to others. They need to heed the call. They need to come to me now while there is time.
Your Jesus
-Read Isaiah 49 to know who you are in Christ.

-Proverbs 1:33

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