Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Can Restore Religious Freedoms

November 8, 2012
I want you to write about strict religious rights and how we must fast and pray to restore these in America. All is not lost with this past election. I am very saddened by America’s choice, however, we can restore religious freedoms. This can happen with your continued prayers and awareness of the issues. Why can’t we work together to overturn these mandates? It is like a worker and his handyman finishing a project. Much turmoil may transpire first but I will put an end to it with my hand. My mother will have a big part in this. However, I need your help to bring it to fruition. When in doubt, look to my mother and see how she crushes satan with humility and restraint. It will happen for us my child, but the sinners will be punished for their deeds. Do not fear if you are my child. My holy sword will protect you. Do not look to other gods for guidance, but only to me. Your faith will set you free and cast out many demons. I love you my children.

Love, Jesus

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  1. More of the same coming until man learn to be humble before God it will continue all over the have got to realize that without God ;They are just dust in the wind.