Monday, August 1, 2011

I Am Calling All To My Sacred Heart

July 14, 2011
I am calling all to my sacred heart. Do not be afraid that those around you aren’t listening. They are not ready to hear my call and are listening to the world. But those of you who are my friends need to help the others. All in their vainglory do not come to me and are foolish. Tell others to stop listening to TV and media and fall on their knees in front of me. There is much to suffer on the way of the cross, but it is the only way to heaven. You see my child, people are afraid of their sufferings and don’t know that it is the way to my heart. Use your suffering for souls and you will find me. Tell others not to look far but look into their heart to find me. We are living in trying times my friend, and even in more trying times for those who don’t seek me. Haven’t I always answered when you knock? My sheep listen to my voice. Stop listening to all of the other voices around you. There is no need to take time for these utterances. My words are peace and calm and the only words you seek. Read scripture and come to adoration to find me. I’m always here. Time stands still for those who wait on me. Though the burden heavy, my yoke is light. My Master has always said come to Him in the still of the night. Many faithful prayers are answered at this time. All is not lost, for each soul has a plan and purpose under my anointing. There are many good souls left waiting to share in my cup and blood. Eat my flesh and drink my blood and you will always find me waiting in the light of my presence. Be still and know that I am with you. All is well.

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