Monday, August 1, 2011


July 20, 2011
My child, do you know what indifference means? It means not giving your whole self to me. In mysticism, time comes and goes with clarity. Do I not know every hair on your head and every atom of your body? You must give them all to me and I will act through the Divine Will. Do not fear your will because I will not let Satan touch you. He will tempt you, but bless yourself with holy water and the sign of the cross and the rosary.

You are not alone at this time and clarity will come. You must tell others to repent and not make haste because time is running short. My mission is an easy one if you stay focused on Me. You must turn your TVs off and spend much time in prayer. My sacred heart is what you need to find and cling to at this time. I gave you the gift of tongues so you could pray more perfectly. Come now and find my sheep and pull them into pasture. From now on, I will speak to you daily and write my words and spread them to all.

I leave you in peace, my peace I give you.
Jesus Christ

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