Monday, August 8, 2011

Prayer Can Help Convert Many Sinners

August 4, 2011 (Mother Mary)

My Son needs you to pray for the conversion of sinners. My Son is very sad and hurt because no one wants to pray with Him. His loving arms are so open and so ready to accept sinners. The task at hand is a hard one, but we must bring sinners to Jesus. Time is running out to the call of His great mercy. Only you, my dear ones, can help bring sinners to my Jesus. He is morning and weeping to loose as many souls as he has. All is not lost because there is time left for prayer. Prayer can help convert many sinners and make a difference. I love you my dear children with all my heart and call upon me, Mary, your mother, in time of need. I will take you with me to Jesus’ Sacred Heart. Here you will find the peace and rest you need. His Sacred Heart is bleeding now for the sins of our world. Each drop of blood holds a multitude of sins. Do you not want to help my Jesus? Please pray harder than you ever have for these lost souls. This is my work I have for you. Jesus is hoping that you and others will continue to pray to save souls. These souls are lost but can be found. We can start changing the sin in our world a prayer at a time. My message is love and peace to you who are trying to make a difference. My son is praising you for taking on this mission. The evil one will try to stop you in your tracks but you must cast out his snares every time he attacks, only know that I and your Jesus are bigger than he. We can work together to crush his wickedness. Peace and love to all those who wait for the Lord.
Your Mother Mary

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