Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do Not Doubt

August 22, 2011 - God the Father

I will come to you in the stillness of your heart. Do not doubt that I am here. Why should you doubt when all signs point toward me? Warn my people to listen to my calling. They can’t ignore their God. It is I calling you now to come forth and know me. I am trying to be very direct with you so you know it is I. Please do not doubt me for I am your Savior. I need all to come together at this time to pray. Pray for conversion, pray for peace, hope, and love amongst my people. Any inkling that you have toward me is good. I am your God who wants to save you from the hellfire. I come in great love to show you my mercy. Please believe it is for you and for all who come to me. Whatever is good, whatever holy comes from me. All else must be cast out. Do not fear your feelings and emotions because they are from me. Continue on this journey of great grace and I will lead and take care of you.
Your God and Holy Father

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