Monday, August 1, 2011

A Permanent Mark Will Be Left In The Sky

July 21, 2011
I have a specific message for you today. Tell others the good news in a way that is different and that they can understand. Tell them of my love and open mercy for all those who come to their knees. Not one man, woman, child, or adolescent is excluded from my love. You who look upon the dwellings in your home, all are accountable. Never lose hope or fear for my Kingdom is coming. Prepare now in mind, body, and spirit. All of you are welcome in my Kingdom where I will be King. Strive now to do your best and be open to my teachings. Do not wait until the time is right for you. The time is now. My children flee their destiny, a path I have created for them. Who will enter my Kingdom? All who repent and are truly sorry for their sins. My children, I love you so much and time has come for my mercy to fall on those who look for it. Forget worldly missions and concentrate on mine.  Mine is one of hope, love, and treasure for the kingdom is yours now here on earth as it is in heaven. Earth is going to be changed my dear friends. It will not be cast out into the hellfire, but will be lifted up to be rebuilt. Do not look far and do not make haste for this time is coming soon. Tell the people I will come on a cloud as the Judge. A permanent mark will be left in the sky to remind them of my judgement. I come and speak to you now as in a warning. Do not fall far away from the tree. Hear my voice says the Lord. Tell the children to hear my voice as I am calling them. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.

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