Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Must Not Fall Away From Hope

August 2, 2011
My dear ones, call upon me and call upon me often. So many of you do not listen to the pleading of My heart. The call is to come back to me. I am waiting with open arms. Do not be afraid my child because fear is for the enemy. He is full of deceit and lies and will only lead you down a dark path. My road is full of light. A light which illuminates your hearts. Many of you carry heavy burdens these days. I know I am carrying them with you. But you must not fall away from hope. Only the deceiver will lead you to despair. Trust in me and lay your burdens down. Some of you may say, “but my burden is too heavy.” It is never too heavy for you to carry with me. Look to no other gods but myself to help you carry your crosses. Some light, some heavy, but all for your greater good. These trials of this life in turn produce the virtues you need to come away with me to the next life. All is not lost when you hit a bump in the road. Come to me and I will give you rest. For my yoke is easy and my burden light. Rest in the Spirit and it is as easy as that. Tell my followers to come away with me many times a day to that quiet place that we can share. This will help the load become light again. Follow me and only I will give you rest. Go in peace my child to love and serve your Lord.
Jesus Christ

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