Monday, August 8, 2011

Trust Is A Big Issue

August 6, 2011 (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)

What I want you to write today is quite simple. Trust in me and I will give you rest. Trust is a big issue these days. It takes a lot to trust someone, I understand. But do you not realized that I am your almighty Father who should be easy to trust. I am Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three persons in one - so it should be easy to trust three persons. The way to trust more easily is through fasting and prayer. Not just fasting from food but wine, spirits, addictions, etc. You must become chaste and pure to trust me better. Faith has to grow over time with these measures. A long time ago I taught these virtues to my disciples, and I am still teaching them today. Expect many challenges to come your way, but all the better to serve Me. I am not hard to find or to follow, but you must trust Me and my teachings. Do not look far from yourself when trying to learn how to follow me. You are the one who needs mending. Do not look to your fellow man to try to change him. It does not work that way. Only look lovingly on yourself. My eyes will too be a good aid in trying to grow in virtue. These ways are easy to follow and make the load lighter. Do these things in memory of Me and you will progress toward the kingdom. All is well for now my child.
Your God, Father, Son, & Holy Spirit

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