Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It Takes Time And Endurance To Find Peace

September 20, 2011
I want you to write two more words tonight - peace and endurance. You might find it hard to know that to find true peace takes much endurance of crosses and trials. It is not easy to suffer, but to suffer for me, your Jesus, brings great peace. Peace is not found in worldly things my child, but in the heavenly things. It takes time and endurance to find peace through Me my children, but it is always here waiting for you. When else can you feel that perfect peace except when resting with Me. No other time will bring you the peace than resting quietly with Me. Endurance comes into play when carrying heavy crosses. Pray for the endurance needed to suffer peacefully. It will come my children. I had to endure much suffering in order for my inner peace to come. I found it in my Father, so will you. Do not be dismayed when working toward true inner peace. It takes time to get to know Me, but quiet your hearts and you will find Me there and the peace you need. When in doubt look to my Father and rest in His love. True peace can be felt and also known by its qualities. Comfort, joy, patience, calm and love are some of these. You will get there my children. Ask for the grace to find and seek peace and endure gracefully your trials to get there. God loves you, go in peace.

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