Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Good News On Suffering

September 19, 2011
I want you to write of two words - love and patience. These are two words not used much together these days. When one is asked to suffer, there must be love and also patience to endure. Healing and My will don’t always come quickly. Don’t be hasty and think that the suffering will pass simply and quickly. It must be used in My time. I need your sufferings, my child, to accomplish many things. Mere mortals cannot always save themselves, but your suffering can be offered up as redemptive for many souls. When in question, offer up your suffering and accept it with patience and love. No evil can attack this type of suffering used for me. Be patient and loving with others as well as yourselves. You must be patient with your own sufferings in order to help others. I try you out of love and great patience is needed to endure your trials. I will be coming as a loving judge very soon. It will help purify you. I come as a just judge and await your conversion. Do not look far to call to mind your sins. They should be very apparent to you. In order to become pure, you many have to suffer much, but the rewards will be endless. Do you understand how love and patience work together to help to endure sufferings? They make them bearable with my help. When is this necessary? In all suffering, love and patience is necessary. My kingdom rejoices when I view suffering this way. No other way is profitable. Love and be patient with yourself and others, and the sufferings will turn to joy in due time. All is well in the kingdom because you choose to suffer courageously. Go and spread more good news on suffering.
Your Jesus

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