Saturday, September 24, 2011

You Do Not Have To Conquer Sin On Your Own

September 22, 2011
My love is over-pouring for you. It is a love of great hope. Hope in Me. Trust in Me. Build your confidence in Me. This is where you will find your peace. So many of you do not look to Me to find peace. It can be found nowhere else. I know that there are many stones in the way on the path to holiness, but you will get there my child. Trust Me for your security. Your life has already been entrusted to Me. Now just live for Me. You must follow Me with sincere and honest hearts. Sincerity comes from within and it is what I need from you. I do not need lofty books read or lectures learned, but sincere prayers from your hearts. Peace will come to those who are patient and wait for Me. Sometimes you many have to wait a long time but it will earn you great merit. Your rewards will be great in the end. When temptations strike, strike back. Use my name to fight the temptations. Do not be afraid for they cannot harm you. You must be secure in my help and love for you. You will overcome these obstacles in due time. But for now, trust in Me. I have overcome these temptations for you. I have conquered sin and death so you can live. You do not have to conquer sin on your own. That has become a great misconception in the world. Come to Me with your sins so I can help you. Bring them all to me. Much praise for life and love will help stop a multitude of sins. Laugh and love much and your peace will come. All is well with you and the kingdom.
Your Loving Jesus

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