Monday, September 26, 2011

Deny Yourself To Save Souls

September 24, 2011
Fasting is very important my child. It will lead you to goodwill. It will help you to overcome many obstacles. It will take you less time to overcome certain vices through fasting. Sometimes it is the last key that one needs to find holiness as in your case. Making simple acts to deny yourself each day is all you need to do. It is very important to practice denying yourself carnal pleasures. It brings you closer to Me and to holiness. Whether you deny yourself a cup of coffee or a meal, it all helps to purify you. It will also help you to overcome your sin. Repentance is important each day, and fasting will work together with this. When in doubt, deny yourself to save souls. Prayer and fasting are key ways to be united to Me faster. Also, holy communion and confession bring you to Me on a quicker level. Take each day one at a time, and try to find one or two ways to grow closer to Me. Fasting on a small level will be a good start. I am always here ready to work with you. Let us begin anew together.
Your Jesus

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