Thursday, September 1, 2011

After The Illumination

September 1, 2011

I have a message for you about the state of souls. Many souls right now are lost my child. They need me and they feel they have no where to turn. This is not a true statement for I, their God, are with them. From now on they will see the light in a new way after the illumination. Their conscience will be brought to their attention in a new way. This will all happen at once but last a lifetime. The prayers I need from you are prayers for endurance and strength for their hearts. Seeing their conscience the way I see it will not be an easy task. It will be painful and hurt to some extent but will save many souls from final damnation. My hope is that many souls will turn away from evil ways and find me. There will be much consolation also in days to come. Do not turn a deaf ear to me for I will be present and instructing you. The day’s journey ahead may be weary but a good one. All the more to praise me. When all else fails you will look to the sky and see me there. I will be leaving a permanent sign for all to wonder and see. This will remind you of your sin but also my mercy. Take it upon yourselves to pray for the sins of the world. Someone must do it. All is never lost when dealing with my mercy. I hope and pray that you will not forget me in these times. It will be very majestic for some of you. Some will fear but for no good reason. My yoke is light and I will see to it that I make the burden light for those following me. You may not understand what I am telling you but that is OK. Just meditate on it and pray hard for the conversion of sinners. I love you so much and my love surpasses all understanding. Just feel my love and leave it at that. That is all you may be able to do at some times. But when you hear my voice take it to heart because only I can speak to you that way. Have no fear about these messages for they come with pure love. But make sure you pray over them and meditate on their meaning. Feel the peace I leave with you, the peace the world cannot give you. You know this, my child. I love you.
Love, Jesus

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