Friday, February 1, 2013

Turn Away From Pride

January 31, 2013
I want you to write about perseverance, humility, and love. Every stride of your day must abide with me. No one else needs to walk with you. This is a daily battle. One that takes great perseverance and love. I know my child, because I walked the same path you are on. I did not know all the answers at every moment, but I knew if I placed my trust in God, He would not lead me astray. This is my will for you at this time and the others you are leading. Place all your trust in me through perseverance, love, and humility. It takes all of these to walk with great faith. Please trust in me. All your questions will be answered if you ask them with great love and humility. Why do think a lot of my children do not get the answers they so desire? They are not coming to me in true faith and love. Pride, too, is getting in their way. Listen to the inner voice away from pride and your own judgement. That’s where I will answer you. It is time for you to abandon old ways my children. You are all at fault with this. The world has caught you up. It is not all your faults but your will must be strong. Practice small acts of faith everyday and a larger faith will come. I know it is a struggle. I was tempted by the devil as you are. If you believe in me, trust that I will not lead you astray. Trust that you can call out to me, “Dear Jesus, I am afraid. I do not know where to turn,“ and I will come. You must have true trust for this to happen. Call upon the angels and saints to lift you one step higher to finding the grace you need. Being my humble servant, open to my requests, will give you strength to turn away from the sins that haunt you. Strive with your whole heart to turn away from pride and this will take much perseverance. Know that I am your God and the devil may not have a stronghold on my humblest of servants. Go in peace knowing that you are working toward a new life with much hope, grace, and love. I love you.

Your Jesus

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