Thursday, February 7, 2013

Take Your Rosary Now, Pray It

February 7, 2013
Let my words speak to millions. Let me fire up your lives because many are called but few are chosen who obey my words. I am speaking to you in truth, love, and hope. No demons would speak to you this way, but many are choosing the demon’s words. Why? Because you think it is what you want to hear or what will make you happy. Oh, on the contrary. These words will only bring you to darkness and despair. You are experiencing this in your own life, my soul. The devil’s words are filling you with fear and anxiety. You must choose not to listen. There is no profit in that. You should not take a second of your day to listen to his words...and he will attack. Take your rosary now, pray it, and bid him farewell. This is a temptation to listen to him because he makes himself intriguing. No, do not be fooled by such a hypocrite as this. He is scared of chosen souls who follow my words. Fools are those who think they can control him with other means. Only my saints, angels and my mother can be called upon to help you bid him farewell. If you are leading lives of sin you are adding to his cause. He won’t leave you alone because you are working with him. Pull away and put on the armor of fasting, prayers and rosary, adoration, and Eucharist and watch him flee. Wow. What could be accomplished if all of you would do this. You are letting him take hold of your lives and you are not using the means I have given you to fight back. Don’t feel unworthy for this task, but take it on. You are strong enough to fight because my Holy Spirit is with you. Call upon me in spirit and I will be there. All is well with my chosen souls. Amen.

Your Jesus

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