Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Call You All To Sainthood

December 29, 2012
In the start of this new year and new season I need everyone to repent. Do you know what this means my children? You must be sincerely sorry for the sins you commit. It is not for me to tell you when to be sorry. It must come from your heart for I have given you every means by which to know when you have done wrong. You must not look to many other gods to right your wrongs. Pride gets in your way to confess your sins to me. I am not a forceful God who will tell you when to repent. What good would that do your soul? Try this. When your heart tells you you are doing something wrong, trust it. For this is where I reign. I love you my children and want your souls to be clean. It will make you feel renewed as well as renew me. When in doubt look at the saints who have gone before you. They fasted and prayed and refrained from sin. They were sinners too, but knew how to repent and kept their humility all the days of their lives. They didn’t waver. You can do this too my children because I call you all to sainthood. Go and fast and pray for the kingdom.

Your Jesus

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