Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Where Is Your Focus?

December 14, 2012
The grace will be given to you as you focus on me more in your day. So many of you are not keeping me a priority in your life. When you go wrong, it is I you must turn to. I am sensing a laziness about this in the world. Where is your focus? If you would focus on me more in your daily lives, the graces will flow. This is how you contemplate me. You take time every morning and every night to thank me for creating you. I did not have to do this, I chose to. Make it a weekly sacrifice to get to Adoration and Eucharist. Eucharist can be obtained everyday to help you. Why do you choose not to take advantage of these gifts my children? It is only to help you. Look not to what you aren’t accomplishing, but to what you can. You can make a difference in your life and fast and pray to help others. Please say “Yes” to this request as my mother did. Her “Yes” opened the door to a world of graces. Your “Yes” can do the same thing. Be aware of your shortcomings. Don’t shove them away. They are there to remind you to come to me. I will give you the graces to overcome. Come and be joyful.

Your Jesus

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