Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Am Calling Each Of You By Name

October 18, 2011
I want you to write about the divine word. My word speaks so many truths that you need to hear. I do not lie. My knowledge comes to you through my word. If you are unclear of a path to choose, read my word. It is calming and peaceful. I go before you to lead the way. You never have to make these decisions alone. I am with you through my word and prayer. Why come to me if you won’t listen to the truth? It cannot be denied. It can speak multitudes to your hearts. I will always leave the door open for you to come in. Speak to me often as I speak to you through my word. Find wisdom in knowing the truth. The truth will set you free from the lies of Satan. He cannot harm the truth. My word is a shield against his lies. I call all of you friend who listen to my word. It is not hard to follow. Find your treasure in it. It will bring you guidance and rest. My word can be spoken to your heart if you listen. I am calling each of you by name. Come follow me.
Your Jesus

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