Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anxiety Is Not Of Me But Of The World

October 13, 2011
My message is for you and for the world. Come to me all you who labor and I will give you rest. You must believe this. Anxiety is not of me but of the world. I can take this from you. You have to let me. Lean on me only and I will be your shield. The devil cannot touch you when I am with you. Do not believe he has more power than he does. This is a false misconception. Your heart and love is stronger than he. Be confident in this my child. I know you are struggling with lies from the devil, but that is all they are - LIES. Lies cannot hurt you. You must cast them away as such and lean on me. I am your gentile Jesus ready to hold you with peace and kindness. These are my words indeed. So many fall because they don’t truly believe in my words. I will never lie to you my child - NEVER. You are safe with me. Now, you will have struggles but you will always remain safe. Let this be your peace and live life to its fullest. Don’t let a lie hold you back. You are a precious gem to me and let it be known to yourself. Your spirit is strong and radiant. Let the tears be a sign of my love for you.  You will never fall with such a strong spirit. The Holy Spirit fills you. You and I are one.  Tell the world this peace is for all to have. Be still and know me. I am with you. Let your burdens fall on me. I want you to tell the world that I love them and my mercy flows out to them. You are a great example of this. You have felt my mercy and love today. I mean this for you everyday. Remember that not a day goes by that I am not walking with you. Go and share God’s love and mercy with others.
Your Precious Jesus

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