Monday, October 10, 2011

Perfect Peace And Harmony

October 9, 2011
I want you to write two words today - peace and harmony. My children should be in touch with me to find their true peace and work in harmony with me like a beautiful orchestra. I am not far from you my children. When you call me, I answer, but you must quiet your hearts and listen. Please turn away from outward disturbances. I know this is hard, but find the rhythm and harmony with me and no others. Seek and you will find, knock and I will answer. It is me my child calling you. When will you realize that you can’t do it by yourselves. You need to be in harmony with the one true God. Nature finds a way to bring this harmony together. It works perfectly to restore and bring forth new life. Study nature, and you will find me. I am calling you forth to be abundant and produce much fruit. Acts of kindness and generosity are the fruits you can cherish. Knowledge will be at the forefront only when you have peace and harmony with me first. Then, you will start to understand many things. Let your relationship with me flow like water. I will not hide from you. I love you and you are mine. Find the tranquility of nature, and you will find me in perfect peace and harmony. All is well.
Peace & love,

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