Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meditate On Holy Things

October 4, 2011
My child, tell my children to calm their minds, hearts, and spirits. Clear them out to make a way for me to enter in. I cannot calm the storm when there is already much turmoil. You might say, ‘Why must I do this, Lord?” Well, in order for us to communicate better. It takes a strong effort on your part to calm your minds and hearts of outward disturbances, in order that we can be united. Just tell yourself the words “calm” and “quiet” over and over again and I will come. Call out my name, Jesus, and I will be there. Turn from your wicked ways and follow my light. I need you to come to me in contemplative prayer. This means to quiet yourself and meditate on holy things so we can be together. Then, I wish for you to pray for lost souls with me in this contemplative time. A storm is raging in your world, my children. It takes hours of fasting and prayer to calm this storm. But together we will get there. Two hours, four hours, six... no one knows when I will come to judge, so be ready and bring as many souls with you as possible. Love and laughter are a good way to calm the spirit. Prayer and fasting help calm the mind. My vines are fruitful when you pray with me. Together we can win souls. Come to me in your divine inspirations and I will be there waiting. I love you.

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