Friday, October 7, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

October 6, 2011
The calm before the storm is always a telltale sign of things to come. Great peace will come to all with the illumination. You will feel My love in a new way. My mercy will pour out over the whole world and you will feel peace. Then, a dark night and time of turmoil will cover the world. Do not be afraid but clothe yourself in prayer and My Word. So many of you will try to run, but just run to Me. I will protect you. We still need many prayers for the conversion of sinners and the prayers must continue throughout the time of darkness. Then peace will arise once more, but a new peace for all people. A new earth so to say. So do not be downtrodden. You and your family will be protected. It is those who remain in sin who will not be protected. Come to Me always and I will comfort and protect you, for I am the Alpha and Omega - the One who is and is to come. I love you all and I want to hold you all in the palm of My hand. Like a mother holds and nurtures her child, so I hold you. You cannot find discomfort in this. It is not possible, but only joy and peace come from My words. Let the peace of Me flow to those around you. Then the peace of Me will cover the whole earth. What a sight to behold! Prayer and much fasting must continue in order for this peace to flow. It is yours to partake in. Just accept My peace and love and it is yours. I love you My children. Continue on the good path and we will make a difference in the world.
Your Loving Savior,

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