Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rely On My Majesty

December 13, 2011
I do want you to write about my majesty and awe. So many of you take this for granted. I Am and am in all things visible and invisible. Come to me and I will give you rest because I am the great I Am. My majesty is majestic and reigns over all the heavens and earth. Speak now to me for my kingdom on earth is coming. It is not for your time but for my time. Do not be quick to enter the kingdom, but take your time and pray. Pray without ceasing to your majestic God. Only I know my plan for you. Be brave against the snares of the devil, but rely on my majesty. If you do this, I will combat the devil with every trial he causes in your life. You cannot defeat him, but knowing that I can will make the difference. Trust and abandonment will lead you to rely on my power. A good and gracious God always knows the trials of his children. I will never leave you to your own doings to combat sin. I have already defeated the sin of man for you, but you must work with me. To understand how to combat the devil read Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10-17. You must stand firm in my promises for you. Do not let a day go by without acknowledging these promises. My majesty will reign and all will be saved who believe in me and my promises. Go to serve Christ and one another.
Your Jesus

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