Friday, December 2, 2011

Each Thorn Leads To A Rose

December 1, 2011
My dear child, write about my love and mercy. It is open for those waiting; for those who accept it. The road that leads to my mercy is a narrow road. There my be many thorns in your way, but each thorn leads to a rose for my glory. You see, the road to Jesus is a narrow one. Each soul must find this narrow path. My mercy and love will guide you through. You can ask God to take away your thorn, but sometimes they are permanent. These thorns lead you to the kingdom. Embrace your thorns as I did. Joy can be a part of this narrow road when you take up your cross. Love and mercy will follow your cross. Do not deny your cross, but pick it up. Do not complain or become downtrodden. These are the workings of the devil. He wants you to lay your cross down. He will attack all those who are carrying their crosses bravely. But do not fear for he cannot destroy the power of the cross. It will bring you many graces.  This earth was made for crosses to help lead you to your final home. Remember, there will be no crosses in heaven so embrace them now as a gift. This is your opportunity to grow close to me through your cross. I will pour out love and mercy for those who carry their cross bravely. Do you understand? Do not try to make it go away. It is a wonderful gift. Take up your little crosses each day and the big ones will be easier to carry. I leave you with love and peace this day.
Love, Jesus

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