Friday, March 30, 2012

Peace Is Knowing Your God

March 29, 2012
I have an important message for you today my child. Do not look to other gods in your life to give you rest. Only I can accomplish this for you, but you must work with me. Many days are coming that may cause much turmoil and distress. Why look to other gods to calm your soul? I promise that it is I who will do that for you. Many years may pass before you can rely on me alone, but that is OK. It is the striving to eliminate other gods that I am looking for. Everyday you must make steps to turn to me. Why not try this? Your other avenues of finding peace are not working. How foolish not to turn to me in times of distress. I promise to give you rest. You will find it here nestled beside my sacred heart. You must spend much time in silence and prayer to find me. You must strive everyday to become more united with me. If you are wasting time looking toward other gods, you won’t find me and you won’t find peace. Trust me for this truth. It is a sign of the times that too many other gods are rising up to take my place, and the antichrist is leading the way. If you do not know which way to turn, face me in the Holy Eucharist. I will provide answers for you. Peace is knowing your God. I love you my children and I want to be the only God in your life. I am the Alpha and the Omega. Believe this.

Your Father

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