Wednesday, March 14, 2012

God Gave You Free Will Because He Loves You

March 14, 2012
I just want you to write today about how important it is to follow the will of my father. No one else’s will matters in daily life. My father wants you to come to him in prayer and ask him to reveal his will for you. The problem today is that my sons and daughters only want to follow my father’s will when it is convenient for them. This is not the true way. You must listen for my father’s will and wait for him to reveal it to you. Then you must listen to him and follow him. There is no other way my children. God gave you free will because he loves you, but your free will must encompass God’s divine will for your lives. He does give you a choice, but what will you choose? It is not easy in today’s world to choose God’s will, I know. But the more fasting and praying you do, the easier it will be. It is about making God’s will a part of everything you do. Make time in your schedule to find out what God’s will is for your life. You will be surprised to find out how delightful it truly is. Thank you for finding the time to listen to me today. I love you.

Your Jesus

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