Friday, March 2, 2012

An Instrument Of Christ

March 1, 2012
I want people to persevere with fasting and prayers to become instruments to the world. The only way to bring me to others is to become an instrument of my love to other people. So many people are in need of my love and don’t know me. You may be their only hope for them to find me in their lives. Please believe me that this is the case. So few of you bring my love to others in need. I can see a bright light when you show your fellow brothers and sisters my love. This light will keep growing as that person in turn brings my light to another. It can light up the whole world. Children make up a big part of this joy and abortion must stop. A light shown to a mother contemplating abortion may be all she needs to reconsider. That is all it takes my child. A little love toward a fellow brother or sister goes a long way. You must fast and pray even harder to make yourselves an instrument of my love. It will not be easy at times, but I will help you. Let’s get started today with a fasting and prayer to help others on their journey of life.
Dear Jesus,
Help me to be an instrument of love to bring you to others. Help me to always fast and pray to become an instrument of Christ. Let my light shine in the world so others will know your name. Through Jesus Christ. Amen

Love, Jesus

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