Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do Not Worry That You Feel Weary Or Alone

March 27, 2012
I want to give a message to the lonely and the weary that God is always with you. Whether you can feel me in your presence or not, I am there. Earth is not a place where you will feel true joy right now. It is not your true home. Your sufferings are to be united with mine for all of eternity. Do not worry that you feel weary or alone. I felt that way much of my time on earth. In this sense, true faith can come into play for you to follow me no matter how you are feeling. Feelings are not your reality. Living in faith and in my sacred heart is where you need to be. All things considered, you do live in a time of much despair, much despondency. It is not my plan for you to live this way, but it is a sign of the times and trials to come. A true follower of mine will stay steadfast and true to my teachings no matter how they are thinking or feeling. This is how our souls will be united. Do not fret being weary and alone. I, your true God, will never leave you in these times of trouble. I promise you that. All is well in the kingdom. Go in peace.

Your Jesus

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